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Red meat recommende­d


Your article headlined That steak makes you beefier (January 3) is not an accurate reflection of what the scientific community recommends when it comes to including red meat as part of a healthy diet.

Overseas research does not reflect how we New Zealanders are eating, where we eat red meat well within national and internatio­nal dietary guidelines.

It is irresponsi­ble to suggest eating no meat, without careful dietary planning to consider the essential nutrients that only animal products can provide, including vitamin B12.

Contrary to what the article implies, red meat does not cause weight gain, it provides an excellent source of quality protein which helps you feell full for longer, aiding in weight control.

It can be eaten in moderation 3-4 times per week with a portion size about the size of deck of cards, as part of a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables.

The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand recommends 100-185g of lean meat can be eaten on most days.

In light of the evidence to date, Kiwis should continue to enjoy red meat as part of an overall healthy lifestyle with plenty of vegetables and regular physical activity.

FIONA GREIG Retail Meat NZ nutrition manager

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