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‘‘The abo­li­tion of the 90-day trial for large em­ploy­ers will have the per­verse ef­fect of re­duc­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties for those Kiwis most in need of op­por­tu­nity,’’ Greg Har­ford, Re­tail NZ’s gen­eral man­ager for pub­lic af­fairs, says. What a load of pro­pa­ganda. Good news for employees. The 90-day law has been re­stric­tive and should cover all em­ploy­ers. It has done noth­ing to help employees get jobs, just made it eas­ier to sack them. Only NZ First has saved em­ploy­ers’ ba­con.

Peter Pet­ter­son, Lower Hutt

Stop shud­der­ing, Steve An­der­ton of Para­pa­raumu (Let­ters, Dec 6). Amer­i­can salut­ing pro­to­col is dif­fer­ent from ours. We never saluted with­out wear­ing a hat, sprang to at­ten­tion with hand ver­ti­cal and palm open to­wards the front. Amer­i­cans don’t bother about hats, hold the hand hor­i­zon­tal with palm down and even salute while sit­ting. Don­ald Trump at­tended a mil­i­tary school and his salute is prob­a­bly a re­flex ac­tion. The pres­i­dent may not be a serv­ing of­fi­cer but he is the com­man­der-in-chief and who would deny him a friendly wave in re­sponse to a for­mal salute.

Don Boswell, East­bourne

I won­der, is there any link be­tween youth men­tal health and sui­cide and the fi­nan­cial pres­sure placed on both par­ents to work full­time? Have we stud­ied the ef­fect early child ed­u­ca­tion from birth has on our chil­dren’s sense of se­cu­rity?

Teresa Ho­man, Up­per Hutt

Strike, strike, strike, the real and nor­mal ef­fect of a Labour gov­ern­ment. If it was not for Win­ston Peters none of this would be hap­pen­ing. Wake up, New Zealand.

James Hibbs, Up­per Hutt

Preg­nant Papa (Nov 11) re­minded me of a quote I came across in the Near East in the 1950s. ‘‘Man born of man will live for­ever.’’ I wish a long and happy life for Scout Bar­bour-Evans’ child.

Eric Con­stan­tine, Palmer­ston North

Now that Na­tional Party members have staged a walk­out af­ter the Speaker ex­pelled their leader and Gerry Brown­lee from the House, per­haps Trevor Mal­lard should ban all of them from ever re­turn­ing. With­out the Op­po­si­tion’s an­noy­ing ques­tions the Gov­ern­ment can then fo­cus on do­ing what’s best for them. Mike Jarvis, Para­pa­raumu Beach

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