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My favourite sum­mer item is, of course, something I can whip up in the kitchen and I love mak­ing my frozen straw­berry ripple cake.

I’ve cre­ated hun­dreds of recipes over the past decade and I came up with this one sev­eral years ago. It’s easy to make and it tastes like you’re eat­ing sor­bet, ice­cream and cookie base all in one. It’s also re­fined sugar-free, gluten-free and nut-free, and has the op­tion of be­ing dairy-free, too.

As I was mak­ing it for this story, I was in the kitchen, hold­ing my 12-week-old son River in one arm, and try­ing to en­ter­tain my 2-year-old, Bodhi, who loves help­ing me. I made the cake in 15 min­utes, which proves it’s su­per easy to make!

I like to in­clude Bodhi in the kitchen be­cause I want him to de­velop an in­ter­est in food and it keeps him en­ter­tained for a while, too. While it means a lot more mess, I’m hope­ful it’ll pay off in the fu­ture when he’s a great lit­tle cook!

I love mak­ing this cake in sum­mer be­cause it’s full of straw­ber­ries, and it’s the per­fect light, re­fresh­ing sum­mer dessert.

Bodhi loves check­ing our straw­berry plants when he gets home from day­care to see if any of them are ripe and ready to pick. We also go straw­berry pick­ing in early sum­mer to­gether. I eat so many straw­ber­ries, like, four pun­nets’ worth in one go, that some­times I ac­tu­ally get hives.

Bodhi is straw­berry ob­sessed too – he gorges on them while we’re pick­ing and hardly any make it into his bucket.

Even at 2 years old, Bodhi has de­vel­oped a great palate and a love for food. He even eats herbs out of the gar­den.

Peo­ple of­ten ask what my favourite recipe is. To be hon­est, that’s an im­pos­si­ble ques­tion to an­swer. It’s like ask­ing some­one what’s their favourite song – it to­tally de­pends on who you’re ❚ ❚ ❚


❚ 500g fresh or frozen and de­frosted straw­ber­ries (or a mix of rasp­ber­ries and straw­ber­ries)

❚ cup runny honey or maple syrup

❚ 1-2 tea­spoons rose­wa­ter or vanilla bean paste or ex­tract

❚ 1 cup cream or co­conut cream

❚ 1 cups unsweet­ened nat­u­ral Greek yo­ghurt or co­conut yo­ghurt

Grease the bot­tom and sides of a

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