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Trump to get July 4 tanks


President Donald Trump isn’t taking ‘‘no tanks’’ for an answer on the Fourth of July.

He said yesterday that a display of US military tanks will be part of a special event he’s headlining July 4 in Washington — and an Associated Press photograph­er saw at least two M1A1 Abrams tanks and two Bradley Fighting Vehicles on flatcars in a railyard at the southeaste­rn edge of Washington. Military police were guarding the vehicles.

A US official told the AP that the military vehicles to be used in the July 4 event were being stored at the railyard.

Local officials had objected because of the damage the heavy armoured tanks could do to city streets.

‘‘We’re going to have some tanks stationed outside,’’ Trump said yesterday from the Oval Office, appearing to acknowledg­e local officials’ earlier concerns. He offered no specifics on where the vehicles would be located.

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