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5 minute quiz


1. In the words of a 1977 hit song by Elkie Brooks, who was a singer in a nightclub?

2. Which is lower in Earth’s atmosphere – the tropospher­e or the stratosphe­re?

3. What was the surname of an American country singer known as Gentleman Jim?

4. In what city would you find Moorhouse Avenue, Latimer Square and Barbadoes St?

5. Where in the world is the territory known as the Ross Dependency?

6. In what popular British TV series would you hear the phrase, ‘‘Stop the clock’’?

7. What surname is shared by an American actress named Julianne, a former New Zealand politician named Mike and an Irish folk singer named Christy?

8. The British call it a rota. What is the equivalent New Zealand term?

9. In what country did the Islamic guerrillas known as the Mujahideen first become active in the 1970s?

10. Which is New Zealand’s second-highest court?

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