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5 minute quiz


1. His given names are Alexander Boris De Pfeffel and he was born in 1964. What is his surname?

2. Cone and shield are types of what?

3. Which event has been running longest: the America’s Cup, the Tour de France or the British Golf Open?

4. Polari was an unofficial language used in Britain by what group of people?

5. What former National MP and minister for local government was mayor of Auckland from 1998 till 2001 and still sits on Auckland Council?

6. What does the letter A stand for in the name of the government agency Niwa?

7. In New Zealand sport, who is Darren Shand?

8. The movies Bullitt, The Italian

Job and The French Connection are famous for what?

9. What word can precede charge, girl and story?

10.The exterior of Boston’s Bull & Finch pub was made famous by what TV comedy series?

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