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Welly is over-rated. There I said it.


For the first time in nearly six weeks, I will now be staying somewhere for more than a week (so tired from being busy even when away). In apartment in Northland, overlookin­g the bay. I have INCREDIBLE views and will photo update in the sunlight.


Strangely quiet at the moment. No wind, can’t hear any birds singing and pleasantly mild. Does this mean something big weather-wise is going to happen soon . . .


It’s a cold day in #Wellington and I need a pick-me-up so I’m

indulging in a #Sleepwalke­r coffee-infused #HoniMead. Tastes like Stone’s Green Ginger Wine but with honey & coffee. HT @TinyPirate


*BREAKER BAY* Cracking has appeared in the southbound lane of Breaker Bay Rd. The road will be reduced to one lane while engineers identify the cause of the cracking. Road users should follow the priority arrows and avoid the area when possible.


Calling Jacinda Ardern a ‘‘parttime PM’’ is sexist, childish and entirely unwarrante­d. Look at the replies to people saying this and tell me I’m wrong. Full of hateful, misogynist­ic crap.


Maybe the new brand was supposed to be Wellington’s University but they couldn’t work out where to put the apostrophe?

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