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5 minute quiz


1. Who was Britain’s prime minister when the country entered the European Union: John Major, Harold Wilson or Edward Heath?

2. Which are the world’s three major monotheist­ic religions?

3. What famous Marxist revolution­ary wrote a memoir about touring South America on a motorbike in the 1950s?

4. What popular puzzle has a name meaning ‘‘single number’’?

5. His first names are Robert Lawrence and he writes scary books for children. What is his surname?

6. Australian electronic­s retailer Dick Smith was the first person to travel around the globe in what?

7. A ronin is a common figure in what country’s folklore?

8. What fictional Frenchman has been played in movies by Peter Sellers, Alan Arkin,

Roger Moore and Steve Martin?

9. Which playwright created the characters Blanche DuBois, Big Daddy Pollitt and Mrs Violet Venable?

10. In computer technology, what does the ‘‘d’’ in pdf stand for?

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