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America gripped by streak of madness


Amurderous madness broke out in America at the weekend, extending from El Paso, Texas, to Dayton, Ohio, 13 hours later. Two shootings, two inexplicab­le events. Many dead. This is a shock for the country, but one that’s too familiar: A gunman chooses to commit violence against innocent people, against anyone in range. The gunman selects the time and place and then seeks to kill and injure as many as possible in moments.

There will be many more discussion­s about El Paso and Dayton. About the availabili­ty of firearms of all types, and the willingnes­s of some people to use them. There will always be guns in America, legal and otherwise. It is part of the

culture of this country. Our belief is that there are steps Congress can take to reduce the opportunit­ies for armed villains to kill. They include universal background checks and limits on magazine capacity. The Second Amendment guarantee that individual­s have the right to own guns complicate­s restrictio­n efforts.

But what, if anything, can be done to deal with the anger? It’s a troubling question in part because it’s so immense. Yet it’s undeniable. There is something else in play in America that needs to be confronted beyond the availabili­ty of guns. It is the rage that compels some people to cause mass, indiscrimi­nate harm. There is a streak of madness of America causing the country great harm.

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