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Abortion is not healthcare


The Government’s abortion bill is an unpreceden­ted attack on women and their precious unborn disguised as healthcare.

Pregnancy is not a disease and abortion is not healthcare. This bill constitute­s an increasing­ly lethal attack on the family, by attacking and killing its weakest and most vulnerable members, our unborn children.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern believes the killing of an unborn child is not a crime and is ‘‘a reproducti­ve choice for women’’.

Why does the prime minister believe that the violent dismemberm­ent of a defenceles­s child in the womb is not a crime and should be taken out of the Crimes Act, while at the same time stating that smacking a child is a serious crime that should be retained in the Crimes Act?

The state has a serious duty to protect the lives of every member of the community from conception to natural death. This bill withdraws that protection.

Ken Orr, Christchur­ch

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