The Dominion Post




1. Where lines come together get me in to pin it out (7,5)

8. Hard to influence the old boy at rude disturbanc­e (8)

9. It shows where one was hurt by a parrot-wrasse (4)

11. To which one is brought to admit defeat (5)

12. Sort of red spy held by mother (7)

13. The standard negative given to the Leathernec­ks (4)

15. Plant that will start rooting in low marshy ground (4)

19. Praise to God, has a non-changing effect (7)

20. Time this list of ‘times’ for the schedule (5)

22. Bird one will use reproachfu­l language to (4)

23. Making a gas tilt like an arrow (8)

24. Are they charged for swimming, in the main? (8,4) 6/8


2. When halved, expected to clothe one (5)

3. Beat one of the endlessly foolhardy (6)

4. Too busy? Never! (2,4)

5. Smelling it burning may make one annoyed (7)

6. Prepare to stitch a City of London street (12)

7. Cringer shook, maybe, when mounting it in the nursery (7,5)

10. In the past a green light was given to it (3)

14. I have gone after the others, being uneasy (7)

16. A person, though indefinite, is a unit (3)

17. Sausage found as mail is distribute­d (6)

18. When it’s red, it turns to take long steps (6)

21. Leaf that’s chewed will be allowed to be given up (5)

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