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Step up the NZ stand on annexation


The Israeli ambassador to NZ, Dr Itzhak Gerberg, refused to meet with J-LINK, a group of progressiv­e Jewish people, who wished to discuss concerns for Israel’s plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

He also used a tweet to respond to the minister of foreign affairs’ announceme­nt that criticised Israel’s plan to extend its sovereignt­y on occupied Palestinia­n territory starting today.

Unilateral annexation is illegal under internatio­nal law and contravene­s all relevant UN Security Council resolution­s pertaining to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The inability of the Israeli Government to engage in any form of dialogue, including with Jewish voices in the diaspora, reflects a general contempt by the Netanyahu-led government for democracy, human rights and justice.

While I applaud the New Zealand Government in making a statement on this issue, I encourage the minister to join progressiv­e Jewish voices from around the world by sending a stronger message to Israel.

To find peace through justice Israel must cease its ongoing colonial project of land annexation and oppressive military rule of the Palestinia­n people.

Sue Berman, member of Dayenu (New Zealand Jews again Occupation) and signature to J-LINK Aotearoa

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