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Pronounce all correctly


I applaud the recent public campaign to get people to pronounce Ma¯ ori words correctly. I also applaud Joy McNicoll’s suggestion (Letters, April 28) that ‘‘To ease Ma¯ ori names in . . . [and she suggested that] continued usage of Ma¯ ori words . . . will give easier recognitio­n’’.

However, this should also be extended to the correct pronunciat­ion of the words used by us New Zealanders, from the languages of other cultures.

For example: Since its release in New Zealand the Meadow Fresh Greek yogurt brand Kalo´ , although spelled correctly in the written form, is constantly mispronoun­ced by the lady who does the TV ad voice-over. Kalo´ with the accent on the o´ means ‘‘good’’ in Greek. Ka´ lo spoken with an accent on the a´ is, however, meaningles­s.

I remember once when I renewed my driving licence my first name was changed from Christo´ doulos to Christophe­r. The well-meaning public servant did not know that one name means ‘‘slave/servant of Christ’’ and the other ‘‘bearer of Christ’’. Eventually, it was changed back to what was on my Kiwi birth certificat­e.

Respect gains respect.

Christodou­los Moisa, Whanganui

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