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Ola, are you listening?


Encouraged by Ola’s 4-minute challenge and $5 for 5 kilometres promotions, I booked an Ola cab on Monday for a ride into town from Karori. The cab arrived in time, it followed the route taken by the No 2 bus service, the distance was 4.6km and the ride cost me $5.

I repeated the exercise on Tuesday morning. It took the cab over 10 minutes to arrive, the driver chose to go on a roundabout route via Kelburn – and even though the email from Ola Cabs shows the distance to be 5km, I was charged $12.75.

Ola Cabs does not make it easy for customers to contact it by not providing a phone number or an email address. Ola Cabs should also indicate the ETA of the cab before the customer is charged the fare, so the customer can look to other options if the cab takes too long to arrive.

Are we being taken for a ride by Ola Cabs?

Anand Kochunny, Karori

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