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This is not kind


In recent weeks I have read of at least two instances where profession­al people recruited to come to New Zealand to fill roles where there is a shortage of their particular skills find, after their arrival, that their families are not permitted entry to the country.

The latest case involves a new GP at the O¯ taki medical centre who has been here for a year now and still cannot

establish when his family can join him here. The second case I can recall involves a profession­al in building design whose family still have no indication of when they can come to New Zealand after some two or more years of waiting.

Just what is going on in the halls of our ‘‘kind’’ government to allow a situation like this to continue? Surely the minister of immigratio­n has discretion to prevent this kind of situation from continuing or indeed changing whatever piece of bureaucrac­y is causing this anomaly to continue.

Finally, if the minister cannot or will not fix this issue then perhaps our prime minister should intervene and uphold the kindness mantra she espouses.

Iain Watson, O¯ taki Beach

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