The Dominion Post

So, I’m taking a stand


Carolyn Adams, Te Aro

I am so peed off with overuse of ‘‘so’’ to start every sentence or comment that I hear every day on radio and TV and it irritates me so much. It’s almost as bad as the ‘‘surreal’’ epidemic of so many years ago, when everyone seemed to be having surreal experience­s.

So I’m tearing out what little hair I have left so I need to write this letter so I’ll feel better having taken some action on the so issue. So, I’m taking a stand, so maybe some people will take notice and so help stamp it out. So there you are, I’m so pleased I got to write this letter.

So that is all I wish to say on the issue, so I will sign off.

So have a good day. So long,

So Donald Laing, Johnsonvil­le

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