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Do what we think’s right


New Zealand is in a ‘‘no win’’ position economical­ly in dealing with China’s ambitions. Our future in dealing with a customer of this relative magnitude is all in the hands of the ‘‘other party’’.

We should therefore revert to first principles and do what we believe to be ethically and morally right. Appeasemen­t policies when dealing with belligeren­t nations just don’t work – history has shown that.

It is somewhat galling to have to side with our so-called mates from across the Tasman but we have no long-term alternativ­e.

The ‘‘Five Eyes’’ are somewhat crosseyed with a woolly-headed UK, internally conflicted US, self-centred Aussie and apathetic Canada, all of whom are bigger guns than us, representi­ng the devil we know, versus China, with whom we have a large trading arrangemen­t, existing – despite what politician­s may claim – entirely at China’s discretion.

No contest. Stick with the people who, however accented, talk the same language as us.

Richard Lawrence, Carterton

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