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Cyclists, use cycleways


It is good that we are becoming a city of cyclists and walkers. As a walker I am grateful when cycleways separate cyclists from walkers. It’s much safer that way.

Similarly, as a motorist I am grateful when cycleways separate bikes from cars. That’s safer for them.

However, we have a problem. Last Sunday morning I left the rail station and drove behind a group of three cyclists at about 20kmh. I passed a few times, only for them to get in front again at each set of lights. Around past Oriental Bay I was looking forward to them getting on the new and delightful cycleway. But did they? Na. They continued to slow the heavy weekend traffic by staying on the road.

We need a change in cycling culture or, failing that, a coherent set of enforceabl­e rules before we spend any more money on cycleways. Cyclists too often regard themselves as outside of any road or footpath safety rules.

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