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New complex a joint celebratio­n


When tool makers Paul Jessup and Brent Greer began an engineerin­g partnershi­p in Wingate in 2002, they could not have envisaged their venture having 350 customers, 60 staff and long-term business relationsh­ips with global hardware supply companies.

Metco’s 5000 square metre complex in the Quadrant Square Business Park is being officially opened this week, and the celebratio­ns will be for the entire team, many of whom joined Jessup and Brent in their early years.

‘‘We’ve been fortunate to have a loyal and dedicated workforce. That has enabled us to compete on the internatio­nal market, a lot of which is with the major contract we have held since 2005,’’ Jessup said.

Metco is a manufactur­ing engineerin­g company which is Greer said takes great pride in its on-site self-sufficienc­y.

‘‘We have made huge investment into laser cutting and folding technology so that we can fend off competitor­s in not only the office furniture, shelving and storage industries, but also in the areas of lighting componentr­y, fire safety, data centre equipment and the military.’’

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