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Te Mata Figs


Helen Walker and Murray Douglas had high-flying corporate jobs in Sydney before they bought a run-down orchard on Napier Road. When they purchased the orchard, it was planted in cherries and nectarines, but Murray and Helen pulled out the stonefruit in favour of figs. “We saw grapes and olives, but where the hell were the figs? We'd lived in the Italian area of Sydney where The Fig — as they call it — is part of their culture. It's not just a food; it's a tradition. It's dried, it's eaten fresh, and it's made into rolls at Christmast­ime.” February is the start of fig season and Helen and Murray grow 30 types of figs available fresh at the figgery gates or the weekly Farmers' Market. At other times of the year, the farm store sells fig preserves (the Fig Vincotto won a silver medal at the 2020 Outstandin­g Food Producer Awards) and a new café pairs all sorts of figgy deliciousn­ess with charcuteri­e and cheeses.

205 Napier Road, Havelock North.

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