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Some­times ad­ver­tis­ing is so nakedly re­al­ity-deny­ing that it grates.

Loan com­pa­nies are among the worst at this.

Their loans, their ad­verts claim, are the way to gain ‘‘con­trol’’, to ‘‘get a plan’’, to ‘‘make it hap­pen’’.

Their loans are ‘‘a brighter way to bor­row’’ for ‘‘or­di­nary Ki­wis’’, for ‘‘ev­ery­day’’ peo­ple.

Im­ages of tremen­dously happy, successful ‘‘bor­row­ers’’ adorn their web­sites. They are often in­ex­pli­ca­bly wan­der­ing along beaches, or on swings, or do­ing hand­stands.

Loan com­pany staff in ad­verts are al­ways good look­ing, beam­ing be­at­if­i­cally, or giv­ing you one of those ‘‘come hither’’ smiles.

But peek be­hind the ad­verts at the hard re­al­ity of the loans they are mak­ing, and a less sunny pic­ture emerges.

When the Bri­tish author­i­ties did this with Payday loans in 2013 they dis­cov­ered a very hard re­al­ity.

Sure, the an­nual payday loan

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