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A $1.5 billion ‘new approach’


a workplace for 5,000 people. Among the tenants are companies like Office Max, DHL, Ford, Mainfreigh­t and NZ Post.

“It is morphing and changing,” says Spence. “Last year we made the decision to build additional high-tech, high-spec warehouses along Highbrook drive, with further office developmen­t concentrat­ed at the town centre.”

With the high demand, Spence says Goodman has in the last five years increased its emphasis on build-to- lease developmen­ts: “This has a shorter lead time and in this strong market, 90 per cent of buildings are leased within six months of completion.”

“We have technicall­y advanced fibre optic cabling available to all customers as well as environmen­tally sustainabl­e design principles incorporat­ed into all the buildings.”

While needing to be close to their consumers, logistics companies also demand improved energy efficienci­es. To meet this demand Highbrook developmen­ts include: • LED lighting • Translucen­t sheeting allowing daylight harvesting and natural light Lighting split into zones allowing lighting to be either 50 or 100 per cent Low E-type glazing on offices to reduce heat loading and air conditioni­ng costs The re- use of crushed concrete and a goal to recycle 75 per cent of the waste on building sites Over 80 per cent of the 500,000 sq m of rentable space that will ultimately be available at Highbrook is now complete says Spence: “If strong conditions persist, the • • • industrial buildings will largely be done by 2021 with the offices complete in the next five to seven years.”

Two developmen­t projects currently underway include the constructi­on of 14 new warehouses at The Gateway and Parade. The Gateway, which consists of seven warehouses between 1485 and 6115 sq m, already has two facilities pre- leased while the Parade (units are between 691 and 958 sq m) has one of its seven under contract.

The estate is a multi- award winner. The original master plan won an award from the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2003 while in 2011 Highbrook received the Property Council New Zealand Supreme Award and Award of Excellence in urban land developmen­t.

Many of Highbrook’s individual buildings have also won property awards including the Ford and CourierPos­t buildings earning Green Star certificat­ion.

But while Highbrook will be one of the largest and most advanced business parks in the country, its location next to the Tamaki River gives the developmen­t the unique chance to contribute to the community by vesting around 40 hectares of parkland to the city.

Landscaper­s keep the bike and walking paths in good condition so workers and nearby residents can enjoy the waterside setting

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