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Kristin Macfarlane’s ‘done’ the Gold Coast’s theme parks so kicks it up a notch with the out of the ordinary


The Gold Coast is known for its theme parks, shopping and beaches but Australia’s sixth largest city offers much more, especially if you’re prepared to travel outside the tourist hotspots. I spent four nights there and was pleasantly surprised with everything I did that was beyond the ordinary.

It’s a city with a regional feel. You can be in the heart of the CBD and walk barefoot in togs without anyone looking at you twice — and that’s what I love about the place.

I stayed in the heart of Surfers Paradise and experience­d the Gold Coast like never before, making me excited to visit again — and soon.

From cruising the Gold Coast’s canals by boat and jetski, getting a bird’s-eye view of the city, visiting some of Queensland’s boutique wineries, surfing on the amazing coastline and dining in the city, I did it all.

Tamborine Mountain is only a 40-minute drive from the Gold Coast.

If the GC’s tropical climate is too warm, Tamborine Mountain’s temperatur­es are slightly cooler given you’re on a volcanic plateau. The area, packed with new and old charm, has an artsy, small-town feel and you’re surrounded by green views similar to those you’ll find in New Zealand.

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