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The daily quiz


1. What was introduced on this day in 1976 and priced US$666.66c?

2. Prince Alfred, the first UK royal to visit here, arrived on this day in 1869 and was Queen Victoria’s, first, second or third son?

3. Which Aussie won a Best Actor Academy Award for playing an Aussie?

4. “If it wasn’t difficult to achieve then why bother doing it”. Which famed Kiwi said this?

5. What’s often called “The City of Lilies”?

6. What game does Shin-Soo Choo play?

7. Chef Heston Blumenthal reckons cheesecake is an English, French or German invention?

8. Specsavers have a line of glasses named for Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, Helen Mirren?

9. In which region is Neuquen the largest city?

10. Where in New Zealand is Aotea Harbour?

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