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Chemical attack


It would seem we have not learned anything from the Facebook scandal. The name of the game now is manipulati­on of gullible minds on a massive scale. Many people will just believe what they are told. It worked for Brexit and who knows how many elections were influenced.

The target of hate now is Russia and Iran. What on earth would be the benefit to Russia of poisoning an ex-spy in London in such a public and amateurish fashion. Teresa May says Russia is to blame without a shred of evidence and the entire world believes it.

The only effect from using chemical weapons in Syria would be to bring condemnati­on on Russia so why would they do that? To then support the rebels by punishing Russia will only prolong the war and possibly lead to a very dangerous situation with two superpower­s confrontin­g each other.

Somebody poisoned the Russians and somebody used chemical weapons, perhaps the question should be, who benefits? Vince West, Milford.

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