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Awesome: Bond bikes to a bronze

‘Not much more I could have done’

- Andrew Alderson on the Gold Coast

Hamish Bond remains one of the miracles of this New Zealand sporting generation. The Olympic champion rower who took up cycling after Rio in 2016 won bronze in the time trial at the Commonweal­th Games on the Gold Coast, completing the 38.1km course in 48m 45.45s.

Bond sat atop a lifesavers­tyle chair reserved for the race leader on the Currumbin beachfront for 70 minutes, after taking the early lead.

Australian Cam Meyer eventually won from the second bracket of riders no doubt inspired by the “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” spray-painted in canary yellow on the climb.

Englishman Harry Tanfield was 30.26s back in second, with a further 2.15s to Bond. Fellow Kiwi James Oram was fifth, 55.27s adrift of Bond.

Bond said it was his best ride in competitio­n.

“I’m pleased with how I executed, there’s not much more I could’ve done. My pacing was really good throughout the race. There were no flat patches when I was struggling.

“I intentiona­lly dialled back in the first half of the race and kept my heart rate under control on those climbs.”

Bond, 32, attacked the incline along the Currumbin Creek Rd with a perfect mix of grace and grunt as a fan taunted him with an Australian boxing kangaroo flag.

Bond knew Meyer was the man to watch.

“He’s ridden pro at the highest level, with gold medals aplenty. But I’m really pleased with how my bike performed. It was a good package today.”

To understand the magnitude of what Bond achieved, New Zealand’s only other male medallist in the Commonweal­th Games time trial is Gordon McCauley, who won bronze at Melbourne in 2006.

Later in the day, Linda Villumsen claimed her third Commonweal­th Games medal in the time trial, adding silver to her collection.

While the 33-year-old couldn’t defend her Glasgow gold, she was hardly expected to, with Australia’s Katrin Garfoot dominating the field to win by 54.92 seconds.

Villumsen, who won silver at Delhi in 2010, saw off England’s Hayley Simmonds by 19.08 seconds.

Villumsen conceded Garfoot was the better rider, and was content with silver.

“You always come to win, that’s obviously the main goal, but when the winner is someone better than you then you have to be happy with what you get.

“I’m happy with the silver. The right person won.”

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