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The daily quiz


1. Yuri Gagarin entered space on this day in 1961 in the Vostok, which means what?

2. There are about seven, nine or 11 million transtasma­n passenger journeys each year?

3. The Far North held out against traffic lights until last year. Where was the first set? 4. Where is Europe’s oldest university? 5. Kiwi Brendan Lindsay began which company — Masport, Sistema, Whittaker’s?

6. Kiwi Shane van Gisbergen has never won the Bathurst 1000 — true or false?

7. Jarrahdale is a type of apple, cabbage, pumpkin?

8. Which writer said “I travel for travel’s sake — the great affair is to move” — Bill Bryson, R.L. Stevenson, Mark Twain?

9. Where in the USA is Baton Rouge the state capital?

10. How many species of penguin does New Zealand have — none, two, three?

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