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Under house arrest


Chinese authoritie­s are holding the wife of a detained Chinese rights lawyer in her Beijing home after they cut short her protest march aiming to force authoritie­s to explain his arrest, a friend said yesterday. Li Wenzu’s husband, Wang Quanzhang, who took on sensitive cases of complaints of police torture and defended practition­ers of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, went missing in August 2015 during a sweeping crackdown on rights activists. Most cases from that summer, known as the 709 cases for the first day of detentions on July 9, have concluded, but Wang has been held incommunic­ado for more than 1000 days, spurring Li’s plan to march 100km to the city of Tianjin, where she believes he is being held. On Tuesday, the seventh day of her march, Li was picked up by plaincloth­es men and returned to her home in Beijing which they are now preventing her from leaving, Li and her supporters said in a statement.

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