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Parental fibs

It’s some­times eas­ier to make up a wild story, rather than ex­plain­ing the truth to kids, be­cause the truth is ei­ther un­pleas­ant, com­pli­cated, or some­thing the child doesn't care about. Some­times the parental lies are sim­ply a way to get chil­dren to do as they’re told. One daugh­ter re­calls her mother telling her that go­ing out with wet hair, wear­ing fash­ion­able cropped cloth­ing that didn’t come right down to your bum and sit­ting down on cold con­crete all cause a mys­te­ri­ous ill­ness known as a “chill on your kid­neys”. “When ques­tioned on the symp­toms when I was an adult, mum still said ‘well you’ll know all about it when you catch one’. It seems to also be caused by in­ad­e­quate veg­etable con­sump­tion and stay­ing out late with­out your good coat.”

Prices are rot­ten

“My lat­est form of en­ter­tain­ment is go­ing to Count­down and watch­ing the av­o­ca­dos go off on the shelf, be­cause no one will pay $6 for them,” writes James. “I’m sure that if they low­ered the price in­stead of throw­ing them out be­cause they are over­ripe, then cus­tomers would pur­chase them.”

Good things come to those who wait

Two things Matthew Mal­loy was pleas­antly sur­prised to find re­ally don't ex­pire. “My Whit­coulls voucher given to me for Christ­mas 2004 that I was able to spend this year and a let­ter that ar­rived to­day with stamps from 1971, 1980 and 1981.”

Truth on up­hill drain trick­les down

Charles Wood knows a thing or two about drains: “Drains have water go into them from ei­ther the top through the grill, or un­der­ground through a pipe from else­where. Of­ten both oc­cur. Your up­hill water drain is likely over a large drain pit and is set at that height as part of a big­ger drainage sys­tem. It's a grill in case things go pear shaped and water does over­flow. A solid lid could be dis­lodged while a grill just lets the water flow out. So yes, it's an up­hill drain, but you got the di­rec­tion of flow wrong.”

Looka­likes: TV pre­sen­ter Mark Richard­son and fic­ti­tious bad guy, Dr Evil.

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