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Treat Tio Pablo’s tostadas (fried corn tortillas) as you would an open-faced sandwich. Layer them with your favourite taco fillings and get crunching. Use them as a base for substantia­l finger food at your festive fiestas. RRP from $7.79 for a pack of 24 at selected New World supermarke­ts, Farro Fresh, Moore Wilson and specialty food stores. They are preservati­ve-glutenand GMO-free and suitable for vegans.

Also from Tio Pablo, Salsa Ranchera isa handy addition to the holiday pantry for impromptu snacking and entertaini­ng and for a round of huevos rancheros. This mild salsa with tomato, onion, coriander and a dash of chilli is vegan, preservati­ve- and glutenfree. RRP from $6.99 at selected New World supermarke­ts, Farro Fresh, Moore Wilson and specialty food stores. Sabato’s Tarragon Mayonnaise will be slathered on chicken sandwiches, salads and served as an accompanim­ent to the barbecued bird all summer long. It’s also hard not to keep dipping the veges into it. Made with free range eggs and Spanish Pons olive oil, it is gluten-free with no added sugar. RRP$13.50 from For peanut butter-loving households, Nut Brothers super-sized 500g jars of Super Crunch and Super Smooth Peanut Butter, made from the finest high-oleic Argentinea­n peanuts which are roasted in small batches right here in New Zealand, will be welcomed. We’re hoping they’ll do the same with their Smokin’ Chipotle Peanut Butter because the 300g jar

never lasts long in our pantry. RRP$7.49 from supermarke­ts nationwide. Nutbrother­ Something to Crow About Cashew, Sour Cherry and Chia has joined the cereal shelf. It’s a nutritious breakfast blend of whole cashews, sour cherries, toasted almonds, gluten-free cornflakes and seeds with a touch of vanilla bean and a drizzle of Canadian maple syrup. RRP$13.99 from New World and selected grocers.

We girls are going to overlook the fact that the Meat Heads are being a bit blokey about their rubs because we like their “don’t ever be quittin’ on taste with half-arsed flavouring­s” product. Meat Heads comes as a pack of 4 rubs for chicken (bok boken), pork

(porktopia), beef (glazin’ grazin’) and Black

Panther — for those who like things extra, extra hot. RRP $34. A tasty gift for anyone who loves to barbecue.

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