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Want more bang for your buck? Why not get a group of comedians all in one show? This year’s festival brings you a host of comedy troupes and ensembles, including Kiwi favourites and hilarious sketch group Frickin’ Dangerous Bro, comprising James Roque, Pax Assadi and Jamaine Ross — all of whom have their own solo shows in the festival as well. You’ve also got Bec Sandys, Brooke West and Audrey Porne’s debut comedy show Role Models; New Zealand’s only all-female comedy troupe C-Suite and their show All Female, All Funny; and Kiwi comedy supergroup Brynley Stent, Tom Sainsbury, Kura Forrester and Chris Parker in Mincing, uncovering the “repressed feelings, big dreams and twisted fantasies” of the family behind the Jolly Family Butchers.

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