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10 tips to help budding entreprene­urs

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1 Encourage kids to come up with ways to earn money rather than giving them an allowance for doing nothing.

2 Teach them to spot opportunit­ies and go for it.

3 Share stories and talk about ideas at the dinner table, ask their opinion even if it’s about a Trade Me sale.

4 Encourage youngsters to set up their own micro-business, whether it’s a cupcake stand, selling kindling or, for teens, developing a new app.

5 Help them to draw up a simple business plan, including how they will pay back any investment adults have made.

6 Failures will happen so help them identify what they have learned. Encourage them not to give up.

7 Try not to tell your child why something won’t work.

Help them find a way that it will.

8 Talk to your child’s school, even at primary level, to find out about entreprene­urial programmes and be the nagging parent if you find them lacking.

9 Don’t do your child’s project or solve their problems. Instead, make suggestion­s and ask them “what do you think?”

10 Encourage curiosity and creativity.

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