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On fares

Considerin­g two million investors in 2020 never had their airfares refunded when Covid-19 hit, it might be wise to pay the fare with a post-dated cheque.

Gary Hollis, Mellons Bay.

On Cooks

So the travel bubble with Australia opens on April 19, but why ignore the Pacific Islands and in particular the Cook Islands which is actually a part of New Zealand? Mike Baker, Tauranga.

On Warriors

If the average citizen can travel between countries, why can’t the mighty Warriors and their opponents?

Rex Head, Papatoetoe.

On tracing

Just a pity that we do not have the gold standard track and trace we were promised a year ago — we will just have to hope for lots more of our “dumb luck”.

Randal Lockie, Rothesay Bay.

On airports

Let’s hope that arriving flights have a wide degree of separation at the terminals, where despite pre-flight testing, people from other countries still turn up with Covid. Dave Spiers, Henderson.

On deportees

Expect a flood of 501s after the 19th. Brian Cuthbert, Whangaparā­oa.

On holes

The Government’s light rail proposal now makes the City Rail Link just another big hole to throw money into. Well done. As if there are not enough big holes to throw money into.

Adrian Wilson, Northcote.

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