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Time Out

A21 News A1– 13 | World A14– 15 | Opinion A26– 27 | Classified A31– 34 | Sport A28– 30 | Entertainm­ent A35– 39 The New Zealand Herald Thursday, April 8, 2021 | SUNDAY, APRIL 11 TVNZ 2 THREE PRIME SKY SPORT 1 TVNZ 1 51 © TVNZ 2021 © TVNZ 2021 6am 6.30 6am Religious Programme Believe It Or Not Religious Programme Golf: LPGA Event NXT Super Rugby Aotearoa World’s Wildest Holidays Flights From Hell Hot Bench Paul And Nick’s Big Food Trip New Zealand Prime News The Great Escapers Japan Top League Honda Heat (RPL) 8am Super v Sagamihara Dynaboars. Highlander­s v Chiefs. Reds v 7.30 Rugby Aotearoa Super Rugby Australia League Rugby (RPL) 10am Noon 11am 2pm PGV 10am (RPL) Noon LMajor Brumbies. Houston Sabercats v Seattle Seawolves. Italy 3pm 5pm PGC 4pm PGC 2pm Women’s Six Nations Women’s Six Nations (HLS) 2.30 v England. Wales v Ireland. Hurricanes v Crusaders. 5.30 6pm 3pm LSuper (HLS) Rugby Aotearoa Super Rugby Aotearoa A couple from Belfast open a bar in Spain; renovation­s at a British-run restaurant prove more difficult than the owners ever thought. 6pm (RPL) 8pm Super Rugby Hurricanes v Crusaders. Reds v Force. 6am 6.25 7.15 7.40 8.10 9am 10am 10.30 11am 6am 6.25 6.35 7am 7.05 7.30 7.50 8am 6am 6.30 7am 8am 8.30 9am Rural Delivery Building Giants Tagata Pasifika Praise Be The Living Room Q+A With Jack Tame Marae Waka Huia Seven Worlds, One Planet Paw Patrol Takaro Tribe Muppet Babies Masha And The Bear SpongeBob SquarePant­s Bunnicula The Drawing Show What Now? Life TV Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV Charles Stanley Life TV Turning Point R&R With Eru And K’Lee 0 30 3 30 30 30 3 Australia Rugby Nation Aotearoa Japan Top League (HLS) 3 7pm 7.30 Pawn Stars Truckers Outback PG 8.30 9pm Super Rugby 3 PGL Highlander­s v Chiefs. Suntory (RPL) 3 3 30 30 Justin Harrison is caught in the middle of a double disaster; Sonny Forrest transports an urgent load feed from Brisbane to the Northern Territory. On the 14 September 2008, a Russian commercial flight ended in a fatal nosedive. What investigat­ors eventually uncover leads to an overhaul the country’s aviation system. 11pm (HLS) PG 0 0 3 11.30 Japan Sungoliath v Shining Arcs. Red Hurricanes v Kobelco 3 30 Top League (HLS) Guests Heperi Mita and Kura Te Ua discuss with hosts Eru and K’Lee how Maori stories should be shared in films and theatres? 0 0 8.30 Mayday PGC Midnight Sky Super Rugby Japan Top Steelers. Hurricanes v Crusaders. Suntory Sungoliath v Shining Red (HLS) 12.30 30 Challenges, interviews, reviews and fun interactio­ns with New Zealand children. League (RPL) Sir David Attenborou­gh presents wildlife stories from Antarctica, a land of survivors enduring the most hostile conditions. 2.30 Japan Top League Arcs. Hurricanes v Kobelco Steelers. Hurricanes v (RPL) 9.30 10am 11am The Hui Newshub Nation Wild Canada 30 4.30 Super 30 10am 10.10 12.40 MBride Regular Show Shortland Street Omnibus 9.30 10.30 11.30 FExtreme 12.25 MacGyver SmackDown Salvage Squad 30 M PGV 16L Rugby Aotearoa (HLS) 0 PGV PG 2009 Comedy. 0 4.45 Japan Top League Crusaders. Honda Heat v Sagamihara Dynaboars. (RPL) 11.55 12.25 1pm 2pm 3pm Supershopp­ers E Sport Climate Changers George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Secret Scotland Paddington Station 24/7: Back On The Tracks South Seas Spearo The Chase 1 News At 6pm Country Calendar 30 Journey from Canada’s wettest and most biological­ly diverse landscape, the temperate rainforest to the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Wars Closedown 0 Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Johnston. MAORI CHOICE 0 0 6am 6.30 7am 6.30 6.50 7.10 7.50 6.40 7am Best Cake Wins Through The Bible With Les Feldick Leading The Way Key Of David Discoverin­g… Black Sabbath Sarah Off The Grid George Clarke’s Old House New Home Salvage Hunters Running Wild With Bear Grylls How Do Animals Do That? Posh Pawn Yukon Gold Little Giants Nature’s Strangest Mysteries Solved BBQ Brawl: Flay v Symon Mysteries At The Monument Salvage Hunters Return To The Wild UK People Magazine Investigat­es The Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin Waiata Mai Kia Mau Potae Pai Taki Atu Taki Tamariki Haka Pukoro Polyfest Kapa Haka 2018 Te Nutube Whanau Living Oranga Ngakau Huro Pepi Te Ao Tapatahi Te Ao With Moana Home, Land And Sea Funny Whare: Gamesnight 2021 Waka Ama Championsh­ips Hahana Trumpet Of The Swan 2.20 4.40 5.05 6pm 7pm MJumanji: Home And Away Omnibus Bob Hearts Abishola Ellen’s Game Of Games Kittens Make You LOL Welcome To The PG 3 0 0 PG 0 Noon 1pm 1.30 Shark Wranglers Motorsport: The Grid Motorsport: Australian V8 Superboats Championsh­ip 0 7.30 7.20 Mai 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm PG 0 30 0 8am 8.30 8.20 9am 10.30 PGC 30 0 9.30 8.30 10am 11.30 (HLS) PG Jungle Four teenagers come across an old videogame console which throws them into the jungle world of Jumanji. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Rhys Darby. PGV 2017 Action. 0 0 Round Three. 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 3.30 A family carves out a varied living on a challengin­g coastal sheep and beef farm near Nelson, balancing livestock farming with tourism, forestry and dealing with wild goats and pigs. 2.30 Motorsport: NZ Offroad Championsh­ip MotoGP The Fishing Show Classics Newshub Live At 6pm Married At First Sight Australia Noon 12.30 Round Two. (HLS) 1pm 1.30 3.30 5pm 6pm 7pm 2.30 4pm PGL PG 0 2pm MThe 4.30 Voices of Jason Alexander, Mary Steenburge­n, Reese Witherspoo­n. 2001 Family. 9.15 MVisions 16V 2015 Horror. M 5.30 6.30 0 PGC 7.30 8.30 NBeat Sunday 0 After leaving her city life and moving to a vineyard with her husband, a pregnant woman begins experienci­ng frightenin­g visions. Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons. A dramatic dinner party results in Bryce walking out; a massive bombshell revelation from Alana ruins her marriage. 7.30 3.30 5pm 6pm 6.30 7.30 4.30 Terei Tonight Te Ao Toa Waka Huia Te Ao Marama Will Australia Ever Have A Black Prime Minister? Great Beauty Tagata Pasifika PG The Chasers 0 8.30 PG MCLSV All five Chasers compete as a team, challengin­g contestant­s to play against them to win large cash prizes. 9.30 8.30 MThe Hustle M 2019 Comedy. MCV 0 10.45 11.45 The Walkers One Born Every Minute Australia 30 Two female con artists, one lowrent, the other high-class, team up to defraud a young, naive tech billionair­e in the South of France. Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson. 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 Salvage Hunters Return To The Wild UK Mysteries At The Monument Best Cake Wins Hurricane Man People Magazine Investigat­es The Truth About Murder With Sunny Hostin Running Wild With Bear Grylls 9.30 Line Of Duty 16 0 PG 8.40 MThe MCS 2013 PGCL AC-12 suspect a cover-up as an officer on DCI Davidson’s team appears to have sabotaged the inquiry into Gail Vella’s murder. 30 A journalist has seduced his way through Rome’s lavish nightlife for decades but looks past the parties after his 65th birthday and a shock from his past. Toni Servillo, Carlo Verdone. Drama. PGC 12.40 1.25 4am 4.30 5am How To Look Good Naked 2 Overnight Infomercia­ls Religious Programmin­g Infomercia­ls PGC 3 2am 0 3am PGCL 10.20 11.20 12.15 The Rookie Hawaii Five-0 Infomercia­ls 4am 10.45 11.40 12.45 M3 M3 Liar Black Sails Infomercia­ls MCLSV 16C 3 0 0 MCV 16VS 0 0 11.10 5am Closedown MONDAY, APRIL 12 TVNZ 2 THREE PRIME SKY SPORT 1 TVNZ 1 51 6am 6.50 6.25 6.45 Jeopardy Ben 10: Omniverse The Loud House Ben 10: Omniverse Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Thunderman­s Batman: The Animated Series A Place In The Sun The Great Escapers Hot Bench US: The Super Rugby Aotearoa Japan Top League Super Hurricanes v Suntory 7am Crusaders. Sungoliath v Shining Arcs. Highlander­s v Chiefs. Hurricanes 7.15 9am 7.40 8.05 Rugby Aotearoa Super Rugby Aotearoa Major League Rugby 9.15 8.30 9am 9.30 v Crusaders. Houston Sabercats v San Diego Legion. Reds v 10am 11am 11.30 FBorderfor­ce 12.30 FBull PG 10am Super Rugby Australia Super Rugby Aotearoa Super Rugby 10.30 Brumbies. Highlander­s v Chiefs. Hurricanes v Crusaders. Quarter-final. Quarter-final. Quarter-final. Quarter-final. Reds Bridges Married… With Children The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wheel Of Fortune Jeopardy American Pickers Tagata Pasifika Prime News Rugby Nation A-League Highlights The Crowd Goes Wild American Pickers PG MVC PG 11am 1.30 2pm Aotearoa Heineken Cup Heineken Cup Heineken Cup Heineken Cup Super Rugby Australia Rugby Nation Women’s Six Nations Women’s Six Nations Rugby Nation The Japan Top League 11.30 Noon 12.30 1pm 1.30 6am 9am 10.30 The AM Show Infomercia­ls Cupcake Wars 6am 6.30 6.35 6.40 7am 7.25 7.50 8.15 8.25 8.35 9am 9.10 10.05 10.35 11.05 Noon 1pm 2pm 2.25 2.55 3.25 3.35 4.05 4.30 5pm 5.30 6pm 6.30 7pm 7.30 NPopstars 8.35 MBohemian 6am 9am 10am 11am Noon 12.30 Les Mills Born To Move Masha’s Tales Bluey Care Bears: Unlock The Magic The Dog And Pony Show Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks Dennis And Gnasher Kiddets Kiri And Lou Elena Of Avalor Powerpuff Girls Infomercia­ls Les Mills BodyAttack Neighbours Station 19 The 100k Drop Judge Rinder Mom Home And Away Shortland Street Bluey Mystic Brain Busters Friends The Simpsons The Big Bang Theory Neighbours Home And Away Shortland Street Breakfast The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point The Chase 1 News At Midday Emmerdale 0 0 3pm 4pm 5pm PG PG PG 3 0 3.30 30 30 30 PGC Four cupcake makers fight for the chance to serve their cupcakes at an exclusive party in Memphis celebratin­g The King, Elvis Presley. 0 5.30 6.30 6pm 0 0 3.30 v Brumbies. 7pm 0 PG 0 4pm 6pm Italy v England. Wales v 7.30 PGL 0 Cain and Moira’s plans are halted; Faith returns; Tracy goes into labour. 11.30 Noon Newshub Live At 11:30am Fixer Upper Mike and Frank hit a down and dirty oldSchool pick in Illinois. Danielle and Robbie enjoy a high-speed joyride in a one-of-a-kind rat rod. 0 8pm 9.30 8.30 Ireland. 30 30 3 Breakdown Red 1.30 Country Calendar PG 3 0 Chip and Joanna Gaines take a tour with clients Clint and Kelly Harp through the Brook Oaks neighbourh­ood. 10pm Japan Hurricanes v Kobelco Steelers. Suntory Sungoliath v Shining A family carves out a varied living on a challengin­g coastal sheep and beef farm near Nelson. 8.30 MJackie 10.30 11.30 Chan’s First The Late The Closedown Top League Strike Show With Stephen Colbert Crowd Goes Wild MVL 1996 Action. 10.30 Midnight 4am 11pm 0 Japan Top League Shute Shield Heineken Cup The Arcs. PG Breakdown Heineken Cup 0 2pm 3pm 4pm 4.30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7.30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point Te Karere Dog Squad The Chase 1 News At 6pm Seven Sharp Popstars 1pm MThe Wrong Patient PG 3 M 2019 0 0 Midnight 2am 30 0 30 3 Dr Katie Jones, a successful plastic surgeon, becomes entangled in the web of a narcissist patient whose path to perfection threatens to destroy Katie and her family. Sunny Mabrey, Lindsay Maxwell. Thriller. 0 CHOICE MAORI PG 3 PG 3 6.30 6.50 8am 6.35 7am 6am Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Te Ao Tapatahi Grid Pukana Oranga Ngakau Waiata Nation Ki Tua Marae DIY Rage Against The Rangatahi It’s In The Bag Nga Pari Karangaran­ga O Te Motu Toku Reo Korero Mai Polyfest Kapa Haka 2018 Pukana Miharo Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Tamariki Haka Potae Pai Kid’s Kai Kart Cube Huritua Te Ao Marama Te Ao With Moana Breaking The Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Sarah Off The Grid Little Giants Nature’s Strangest Mysteries Solved The Curse Of Oak Island Hope For Wildlife Return To The Wild UK Salvage Hunters Little Giants Nature’s Strangest Mysteries Solved Mysteries At The Monument BBQ Brawl: Flay v Symon Saving Britain’s Wildlife River Cottage Autumn Mysteries At The Museum Wheeler Dealers Arabia With Levison Wood Greek Island Odyssey With Bettany Hughes Lost Worlds: Deeper Into The Black Sea Wheeler Dealers Mysteries At The Museum River Cottage Autumn For Wildlife Hurricane Man Saving Britain’s Wildlife Worlds: Deeper Into The Black Sea Mysteries At The Museum 0 PG 30 0 PG 3 0 8.30 10am 11am 9am 7am 8.30 9am 10am PGC PG 3 PG 3 0 0 10.30 8am 0 0 3pm American Ninja Warrior Noon 12.30 PG The competitio­n follows the remaining 11 ninjas who take their shot at the finals. PG 0 30 PGCL With a big cash prize on the line, hundreds turn up to audition for Kimbra, Nathan King and Vince Harder at The Civic Theatre in Auckland. 1pm 2pm 10.30 11.30 PGCL 3pm 12.30 0 3.30 4pm 4.30 5pm 5.05 5.20 5.30 5.40 5.50 6pm 6.30 8pm 8.30 MUntouchab­le 4pm 4.30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7.30 Tiny House Hunting Newshub Live At 4:30pm Millionair­e Hot Seat Newshub Live At 6pm The Project Married At First Sight Australia PG 1pm 30 1.30 2.30 30 0 PGC PG 3 0 8.35 Top Gear 16 0 3.30 0 The boys head out on an icy expedition across the Scottish Highlands in the new Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-Wagen and Ariel Nomad. Which vehicle will prove itself the ultimate off-roader? 4.30 PG PG PG 0 0 0 M 5.30 6.30 0 PGC Twelve couples try to make their marriages work, despite meeting for the first time on their wedding day. 7.30 8.30 PGCL Rhapsody MLSC 6.10 6.20 7.30 Paia Skindigeno­us 2018 Drama. 9.05 The Gulf 16 9.30 0 11.15 12.35 FPennywort­h 1.30 1.55 2.55 4.15 4.35 5am Two And A Half Men PG 3 16 PG 3 0 Denise’s defence of her girlfriend Valerie from a frenzied attack has devastatin­g results; a local vineyard hides a dark secret. 9.50 FDog 10.20 10.50 11.45 12.50 1.15 5.35 Squad Puppy School 1 News Tonight Manifest Q+A With Jack Tame Te Karere Infomercia­ls Te Karere 30 0 0 10.45 11.45 12.30 MLV 2019 Shortland Street Infomercia­ls 2 Overnight The Middle Neighbours Infomercia­ls 0 PGC The rise and fall of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Documentar­y. 16 0 1.30 Hope 0 10pm 10.30 11.05 12.15 Newshub Late The Hui Newshub Nation Infomercia­ls 2am PGCL 10.10 10.40 11.10 11.40 Marae Ki Tua Nga Pari Karangaran­ga O Te Motu Closedown 3 3am 4am Lost 30 30 0 30 5am PGC 3 KEY Closed captions; Content may offend; Repeat; Highlights; Replay; Delayed; Language may offend; Suitable for mature audiences; Approved for persons 16 years or over; Approved for persons 18 years or over; Parental guidance recommende­d for younger viewers; Sexual content may offend; HLS RPL DLY 16 18 0 3 compiled by Contains violence. C L M PG S V PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY ORIGI NAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW