The New Zealand Herald : 2021-04-08

Entertainm­ent : 39 : A39


# A39 Entertainm­ent A35–39 News A1– 13 | World A14– 15 | Opinion A26– 27 | Classified A31– 34 | Sport A28– 30 | The New Zealand Herald Thursday, April 8, 2021 | © TVNZ 2021 © TVNZ 2021 6.30 8am 8.30 9am 9.30 10am 10.30 11am Noon Early Programmes Grid 3 Pukana Easy Eats Opaki 3 Waiata Nation 3 Ki Tua 3 Marae DIY 3 Rage Against The Rangatahi PG 3 12.30 1pm It’s In The Bag Nga Pari Karangaran­ga O Te Motu 3 Ako Toku Reo 3 Korero Mai 3 Polyfest Kapa Haka 2018 3 Haka Ngahau A-rohe: Te Arawa 3 Miharo Pipi Ma 3 Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai 3 Tamariki Haka 3 Te Nutube Kids Kai Kart 3 Darwin And Newts 3 He Rourou 3 Paia 3 Te Ao Marama Huro Pepi PG Haka At Home Whatta Beauty Ahikaroa MLC Harakore Mura O Te Ahi Haka Ngahau A-rohe: Te Arawa Closedown Grand Designs UK, at 7.30pm Renters, at 8.30pm Sorority Secrets, at 1pm JK’s Japan, at 7.30pm 6am 9am 6am 6.25 6.30 6.40 6am 9am 10.30 6am 6.25 6.50 7.15 7.40 8.05 8.30 Breakfast 0 The Ellen DeGeneres Show PG Les Mills Born To Move Masha’s Tales 3 Bluey 3 0 Care Bears: Unlock The Magic The AM Show Infomercia­ls Cupcake Wars Jeopardy 3 Ben 10: Omniverse 3 0 The Loud House 3 0 Ben 10: Omniverse 3 0 Game Shakers 3 0 The Thunderman­s 3 0 Batman: The Animated Series 1.30 2pm 3pm 3.30 4pm 0 The bakers battle for the chance to serve cupcakes at the crew party for the new animated series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 10am 11am Noon 12.30 Tipping Point 3 0 The Chase 3 0 1 News At Midday 0 Emmerdale PG 0 7am 7.25 The Dog And Pony Show 0 Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 4.30 5pm 5.05 5.20 5.30 5.40 5.50 6pm 6.10 6.20 6.30 7.30 8pm 9pm 9.30 10pm 10.30 11pm 0 0 30 Charity is all alone; it remains to be seen whether Rishi will listen to advice; Nicola makes a secret call. 7.50 8.15 8.35 9am 9.10 9.40 10.10 10.40 11.10 12.05 1.05 2pm 2.30 3pm 3.35 4.05 4.35 5.05 5.35 6pm 6.30 7pm 7.30 8pm 8.30 NRenters Dennis And Gnasher 0 PJ Masks 0 Elena Of Avalor 3 0 Powerpuff Girls 3 Infomercia­ls Religious Programmin­g Les Mills BodyAttack 0 Neighbours 3 0 Station 19 MC The 100k Drop 3 0 Judge Rinder PG Mom PGC Home And Away Shortland Street Mystic 3 0 Brain Busters 0 Friends 3 0 The Simpsons The Big Bang Theory PG 3 0 Neighbours 0 Home And Away Shortland Street Police Ten 7 PG Motorway Patrol PG 9am A Place In The Sun: Winter Sun 3 11.30 Noon Newshub Live At 11:30am Fixer Upper Warren and Jacqui first visited Crete on their honeymoon 23 years ago and have been visiting ever since. Danni Menzies helps the couple buy a holiday home on the island. Chip and Jo’s client is rebuilding her life after losing her home and her husband. 1pm 2pm Coronation Street PG 3 0 The Ellen DeGeneres Show PG 1pm MSorority Secrets M 2020 30 When sorority sisters start dying, one member takes is upon herself to get to the bottom of the mystery. Brytnee Ratledge, Elisabetta Fantone. Thriller. 3pm 4pm 4.30 Tipping Point 0 Te Karere Dog Squad 3 0 30 10am The Great Escapers 3 PGC A young Kent couple living in France make sacrifices to keep their dreams alive; in Andalusia a Brit struggles with being a single mum and running her new hotel. 3 Palmerston North Delta team Shane and Luke track down wanted men; Correction­s drug dogs Dug and Sparky sniff out trouble at a prison refurb yard; Customs dog Flo cashes in big time. 3 30 PG 3 0 PG 3 0 PG 3 3pm American Ninja Warrior 1/2. The competitio­n moves into the finals round with a two-night event to determine this season’s champion. 11.30 11am 11.30 Hot Bench PG Borderforc­e US: The Bridges 3 PG 3 0 5pm 6pm 7pm 7.30 NGrand The Chase 0 1 News At 6pm 0 Seven Sharp 0 Designs UK 0 PG 3 4pm Tiny House Hunting PG 12.30 1.30 2pm Bull M 3 0 Married… With Children PG The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wheel Of Fortune PG Jeopardy American Pickers Everybody Loves Raymond PG Outdoor lovers Ben and Dylan are looking for a tiny home on the range outside of Billings in rural Montana. PG PG 3 0 0 6am 10am 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 Infomercia­ls Don’t Be Tardy M 3 Celebrity Ghost Stories PG Snapped M 3 Killer Couples M 3 The Real Housewives Of Orange County PG Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry PG Hoarders PG Catfish 3 Face Off: All Stars Celebrity Ghost Stories PG SAS Australia M Below Deck Sailing Yacht M Tattoos After Dark Tattoos After Dark Snapped M 3 Killer Couples M 3 Infomercia­ls PG Former army captain Justin restores a Neo-Gothic cemetery lodge and converts its toilet block into an extension with moat and swimming pool. But as the budget soars, he refuses to compromise. 3 3 3pm 3.30 4pm 5pm 0 4.30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7.30 NHoley Newshub Live At 4:30pm Millionair­e Hot Seat 0 Newshub Live At 6pm The Project Moley US PG PGL 0 In Christchur­ch, the Good Girls evict a tenant who stopped paying rent after starting a campaign of destructio­n; a house fire and asbestos pose a major challenge in Cromwell. PGC 3 30 0 2.30 5.30 6pm 7pm 7.30 Prime News Pawn Stars PG The Crowd Goes Wild JK’s Japan PGVC 3 A celebrity guest makes an appearance on The Distractor hole in an attempt to distract the putters and break their focus. 3 8.30 Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby 0 3.35 4.30 5.25 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.45 10.15 10.45 11.40 12.30 3 9pm 9.30 A Current Affair Hoarders PG 0 0 Monica and Giles visit the Scottish Highlands to work at The Torridon, Britain’s most northerly five star hotel. PGL 0 PG Sir John Kirwan spent 10 years playing and coaching rugby in Japan. Now, JK returns to revisit his favourite places, catch up with old mates and experience a few things he never got to do. 3 Experts look at the disease that can bury its sufferer – literally at times – in its symptoms. These people struggle to part with even the tiniest possession­s and need expert help. 8.30 9pm NNewZealan­d 7 Days 16 Today 16 0 Guy heads to Feilding in Manawatu, which claims to be New Zealand’s most beautiful town after taking the title 16 times in the awards 32-year history. 9.45 10.45 11.15 Coronation Street PG 1 News Tonight 0 Critical Condition MC 0 16 16 0 8.30 Tiger M 0 10.30 11.05 11.35 Motorway Madness M 0 Police Ten 7 PG Gordon Ramsay’s 24Hrs To Hell And Back Hell’s Kitchen Shortland Street Infomercia­ls 2 Overnight The Middle 3 0 Neighbours 3 0 Infomercia­ls A look at how staff at the Royal University Hospital in Stoke work to save the lives of their sickest and most injured patients. A two-part documentar­y about the rise, fall and epic comeback of global icon Tiger Woods. 3 9.30 The Graham Norton Show M 0 16L 3 0 2/ 16L 3 0 PG 3 0 2. Guests include Amy Poehler, Nick Jonas, Leonie Elliott, Rob Beckett, Jennifer Garner and Tom Odell. 10.30 Motorsport: Supercars Championsh­ip 12.30 1.15 1.45 2.45 4.15 4.35 5am RNZ NATIONAL (HLS) 12.15 Passion In Paradise: A Sexual History Of NZ Te Karere 3 Infomercia­ls Te Karere 3 6am Morning Report Mt Panorama 500: Race Four. News and interviews and bulletins on the hour and half-hour with Susie Ferguson and Corin Dann. Kathryn Ryan. Current affairs and topics of interest. 16SC 3 0 11pm The Late Show With Stephen Colbert PG The Crowd Goes Wild 3 Closedown 1.10 1.35 5.35 10.35 11.05 12am Newshub Late NCIS M 3 0 Infomercia­ls 12am 12.30 9.06 Nine To Noon With Noon Midday Report With Mani Dunlop. RNZ news, followed by updates and reports. 6.35 7.05 7.55 8.45 10.20 11.05 12.05 1.50 2.45 3.40 7.03 7.20 6am 6.30 7am 7.30 8am 10am 11am 11.30 Noon EastEnders PG The Graham Norton Show ML The Bill MVC DCI Banks Father Brown PG Call The Midwife Midsomer Murders MVC The Bill MVC A Confession M 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown ML The Graham Norton Show PG Who Do You Think You Are? Paranormal Activity The Kindness Of Strangers Japan Top League Japan Top League Playmakers: Rugby Stories Playmakers: Flashback Game Playmakers: Flashback Game The Breakdown Rugby Nation Playmakers: Rugby Stories Super Rugby Australia 16L 2007 (HLS) (HLS) 1.06 Afternoons With Jesse Mulligan. An upbeat mix of the curious and the compelling, ranging from the stories of the day to the great questions of our time. Katie Feathersto­n, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs. Zoe Kazan, Andrea Riseboroug­h. Horror. MLSC 2020 Drama. 8.25 9.15 Allied MVLSC Queen And Slim 2017 Drama. 16VLSC 16 Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard. Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith. 2019 Drama. 10.25 Red 2 MVL 2013 Action. 3.45 The Panel With Wallace PG 11.27 Ma 16VLSC Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren. 2019 Horror. Chapman. 12.20 Jupiter Ascending MV Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers. 5pm 6.30 7.06 10pm 10.15 11.04 Checkpoint With Trending Now Nights With News At Ten Lately With Music 101 Pocket Edition Lisa Owen. 1.10 A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourh­ood Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum. (RPL) 2014 Action. Rebels v Reds. Bryan Crump. PGVL 2pm 2.30 2.23 Aotearoa Rugby Pod Super Rugby Aotearoa Paranormal Activity Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys. 2019 Drama. 16L 2007 Karyn Hay. Katie Feathersto­n, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs. (HLS) Horror. 4.35 5.30 3.02 Resistance MVLSC Blues v Hurricanes. 2020 With Tony Stamp. 3.45 3pm 3.30 4.30 5pm 5.30 6pm 6.30 7pm 7.30 8pm 8.30 9pm Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Super Rugby Aotearoa Rugby Heaven Rugby Nation Heineken Cup ( Heineken Cup ( Heineken Cup ( Heineken Cup ( Heineken Cup ( Heineken Cup ( Heineken Cup ( Rugby Club NPC Archives Jesse Eisenberg, Clemence Poesy. Drama. (HLS) 12.04 5am All Night Programme First Up With PG 16LS 2005 Comedy. Nathan Rarere. 6.20 6.55 7.25 8pm 8.30 9.30 QI MLSC EastEnders PG QI M Would I Lie To You? All Round To Mrs Brown’s MLS The Graham Norton Show MLS 5.05 6.40 The Grudge Where’d You Go, Bernadette Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin. 16VC 2020 Horror. 5.05 Shaft HLS) HLS) HLS) HLS) HLS) HLS) HLS) 16VL 2000 Action. RNZ CONCERT Samuel L Jackson, Christian Bale, Toni Collette. ML 2019 Comedy. 8.30 Bill And Ted Face The Music PG 6am Daybreak 6.45 The Tourist MVL Bill and Ted must compose a song to save life as we know it. But instead of writing it, they travel through time to steal it from their older selves. Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter. PGVL 2020 Comedy. 2010 Drama. With Cynthia Morahan. Nick Tipping. Featured masterwork­s and recent releases. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie. 9am The Works With 8.30 Furious 7 MV 2015 Action. On Graham’s New Years’ Eve couch are Keira Knightly, Guy Pearce, Catherine Tate, Olivia Colman, Nicholas Hoult and Rita Ora. Deckard Shaw seeks revenge on Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson. 1998 Division One Semi-final: Otago v Taranaki. (RPL) Noon 1pm Upbeat With Onstage David Morriss. A spotlight on artists and musical matters. 10.04 Inherit The Viper 10.30 11.20 1.05 1.35 2.05 2.40 3.25 4.20 5.15 Doc Martin Midsomer Murders MVC QI M QI M Would I Lie To You? Who Do You Think You Are? All Round To Mrs Brown’s MLS The Graham Norton Show MLS Death In Paradise MVC PG 11pm 11.30 12am 12.30 Japan Top League Japan Top League Rugby Club Heineken Cup ( (HLS) (HLS) 16LC 2019 Drama. 3pm Classical Connection 11.29 10.50 The Catcher Was A Spy The Blair Witch Project MLC Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard. MVLS 2018 Drama. 1999 Thriller. With Rick Young. 1.01 2.58 4.29 Resistance MVLSC The Grudge Bill And Ted Face The Music RPL) 2020 Drama. 16VC 2020 Horror. 7pm 8pm Evening Classics Music Alive PG 12.10 Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Shaft The Tourist MVL Furious 7 MV Wasps v Clermont Auvergne. Details available on A musical nightcap. PG 2.30 3am Rugby Club Heineken Cup ( 16LS 2005 Comedy. 16VL 2000 Action. 2010 Drama. 2015 Action. 1.30 3.10 4.55 PGVL 2020 Comedy. RPL) 10pm Midnight Day’s End Music Through The Night 5.58 Inherit The Viper Gloucester Rugby v La Rochelle. 5am Rugby Heaven 16LC 2019 Drama. Key: Classifica­tions: Closed captions; Language may offend; Repeat; Highlights; Suitable for mature audiences; Replay; Delayed. Approved for persons 16/ 18 years or over; Content may offend; Parental guidance recommende­d for young viewers; Sexual content may offend; Contains violence. 16/18 HLS RPL PG DLY C 0 3 Compiled by 8Apr21 L M S V PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY . ORIGI NAL COPY ORIGI NAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW