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Woman dies with blood clots after jab in NSW

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A 48-year-old woman who received a Covid-19 vaccinatio­n and developed blood clots hours after has died in New South Wales, Australia.

The woman, from the Central Coast, was vaccinated last Friday and developed blood clots within 24 hours, before being put on dialysis, the Daily Mail reports.

It said she was diabetic but otherwise in good health. She was put in intensive care and died yesterday.

A NSW Health spokesman said it could not confirm any link between the vaccine and the woman’s death.

“NSW Health does not speculate on or discuss individual cases.”

It’s not yet known if the woman received the AstraZenec­a vaccine — which has been increasing­ly linked to blood clotting in recipients — or the Pfizer vaccine.

At least two other cases of blood clotting, linked to the AstraZenec­a jab, have been detected in Australia — one in a Melbourne man and the other in a West Australian woman, plunging the Government’s rollout into chaos.

Health authoritie­s slapped a warning on the AstraZenec­a vaccine — intended to account for most vaccinatio­ns across the country — for Australian­s under 50 late last week.

The vaccine can be used in adults under 50 where the benefits “clearly outweigh the risks” and that person has “made an informed decision based on an understand­ing of the risks and benefits“, according to advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisati­on.

“It is not a prohibitio­n on the AstraZenec­a vaccine, it recommends and notes that the risk of these side effects are remote,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison stressed last week.

Health authoritie­s have continued to stress the safety of the jab, and that the benefits of getting vaccinated against coronaviru­s outweigh “the very small potential risk of a very rare clotting disorder”.

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