The New Zealand Herald

Dog kills kiwi


A kiwi bird has been killed by a dog on conservati­on land in Taranaki. The female North Island brown kiwi was found with bite marks along its body in the Pouiatoa Conservati­on Area in North Taranaki. Dog owners have to put their animals through kiwi aversion training and get a permit before entering conservati­on land. Charges can also be filed against owners if there is evidence dogs have killed kiwi, with a maximum penalty of a $20,000 fine or up to three years in jail, and an order for the dogs to be destroyed. Off-duty Department of Conservati­on (DoC) biodiversi­ty ranger Joe Carson found a pile of kiwi feathers while following dog and boot prints along a track. The bird had been thrown down a bank. “It’s just so disappoint­ing to see a large egg carrying female taken out of the population. In the wild, kiwi only have a 5 per cent chance of survival to adulthood. This big, beautiful female bird had beaten the odds and survived only to be taken out by a dog. It’s an entirely avoidable death,” DoC said.

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