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On alcohol

There are 16 countries where it is illegal for a driver to consume any amount of alcohol at all ( NZ Herald, July 21). It’s time to change our policy. Audrey van Ryn, Auckland Central.

On Am Cup

Pull a figure out of the sky and claim that is the economic benefit, which is impossible to justify.

Bruce Tubb, Belmont

On vaccine

My husband received a letter reminding him to book a Covid jab. We have had one and are booked for the second. Left hand, right hand?

V. Hall, Whangapara¯oa.

On EVs

NZ has a shortage of electric power generation capacity and there are no major projects under way to fill the gap. If the huge planned increase of EVs comes to pass, where are we going to get the electricit­y to run them?

Jock Mac Vicar, Hauraki.

On Chinese

It’s not often a politician is lost for words. Rod Emmerson’s view ( NZ Herald, July 21) of Andrew Little looking completely nonplussed is a gem.

Lorraine Kidd, Warkworth.

On Bezos

Earth’s greatest polluter and abuser, lifting one pointed finger skyward and distancing himself from humanity. Why didn’t he stay up there?

Emma Mackintosh, Birkenhead.

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