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The Premium Debate


I’m an ex-officer and it’s hard listening to [people] who don’t go out there daily and put their lives on the line. If police were armed, there’s a high chance Constable Hunt would be alive today, fact. Wake up, NZ is not the little innocent country it once was. The fact parts of society don’t want police armed matters not, the crims don’t care, they are heavily armed and this is just the beginning. Greg C

I don’t understand why a minority group is so specifical­ly represente­d in this view. I’m not taking away that racial bias exists amongst all population­s including police but it seems ludicrous to base an entire policing policy on one view. David V

I’d rather the police weren’t armed. However, unfortunat­ely society has changed for the worse and risks have increased. If I were a police officer, I would want the option of carrying a firearm. It’s not ideal and creates other risks but certainly needs further considerat­ion.

Stephen H

Arming police creates the risk of further escalation­s and we don’t want to end up like the US. There is no reason for the majority of people to possess or own a gun. Make it completely illegal to own a gun and introduce very harsh penalties for being in possession of a firearm or causing injury or death with a firearm. For those concerned about legitimate interests (such as eradicatio­n of pests on farms) allow commercial ventures to operate under strict conditions. No guns is a better option than arming everyone with guns. John S

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