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Cryptic crossword



1. Very cold in BC50: two directions for two-wheelers (8)

7. Firm repeated a make-up drink (5)

8. For example, Rand’s collapse spells things putting one at risk (7)

9. Topless jollity? Cheek! It will turn one to jelly (7)

10. Way to leave team in half-term return (4)

12. Clumsy errors include one even more wretched (7)

14. Flock-minders responsibl­e for sort-out among fathers (7)

17. Interlocki­ng of gears making men shy finishes away (4)

18. With which to tell off for being concerned with trial print (7)

21. Broken oar employed when sufficient­ly stirred up (7)

22. To sanction is, in woman, enough to bring it to mind (5)

23. Time for bowlers to be bowling when troops are on display? (5-3)


1. Keep on and on at occupant of set (6)

2. Opposed to Victor’s loss of gold, they’re inside (8)

3. Those who man craft sounded cocky (4)

4. Misuse involved in three ways? It follows! (6)

5. Leave top off cinematic award, showing how hurt one was (4)

6. Make headlong dash for one’s working life to date (6)

7. It is at the heart of rent-adjustment in California (7)

11. No amateur stance to put forward for adoption (7)

13. Was angered by one going to State: needs changing! (8)

14. Shaped lips for prude somehow accepting kiss finally (6)

15. Is getting up around a long way off for wild expedition (6)

16. Equipped with shoes, dry? That’s not right: goods are poor (6)

19. Get resources together for a place to take a dip (4)

20. Fibre natural to sheepskin (4)

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