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LETTERS Setting boundary on the ‘Winterless North’


I read with great interest the letter in today’s Advocate (December 1), from the “Far North’s” Ambassador Peter Jackson, who has gone to great lengths to correct the area of what is the real “Winterless North”. While I have sympathy in the necessity of protection of such an iconic geographic region, I note he says the Mangamukas are the boundary. While I am not qualified, as a “Perhaps Mid Northern” resident to criticise or praise his public statement, I am somewhat aggrieved to find he has blocked other mere mortals seeking to escape to the beauty of the Winterless North by continuall­y closing the boundary of the state highway at the famed Mangamukas. John Bain


Lunar calendar

Thank goodness that the Far North DC is using the Māori lunar calendar for determinin­g the best time for meetings and for performing certain tasks. (‘First for Far North District Council’, Northern Advocate December 1).

Will the council please, with the calendar and Māori traditiona­l belief knowledge, select the best day for discussing and resolving the embarrassi­ng Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycle Trail closure between Kawakawa and pua.

If, with this new approach the issues regarding the trail are remedied quickly, I will begin to think: “Ha! My rate payments are being put to good use. The councillor­s are spending their time wisely after all.”

Bruce McNabb


Make it a safe summer

It’s that magical hour, when the sun sinks after a perfect summer day. The skies turn a dusky pink, you grab a refreshing drink and relax into an easy evening.

Finally, after a long and difficult winter, we can all look forward to a classic Kiwi summer. We’re all starting to feel this sweet summer feeling . . . right?

Sadly, no. For some, summer doesn’t bring any relief from the dark. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of family harm in the OECD and for many women and their children, sunset marks another day of living in violence and fear.

That’s why this summer Women’s Refuge is asking Kiwis to gift a $20 Summer Safe Night for women and children who are at risk of domestic violence. We’re asking Kiwis who love a warm, easy evening to help others enjoy it too.

Each $20 Safe Night gifted by a generous¯O New Zealander helps give women and their children access to a safe bed, hot meals, security, and


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Email editor@northernad­vocate. or write to the Editor, NorthernAd­vocate, 88 Robert St, Whangarei 0110 advice. Every Kiwi who donates shares a little bit of sunshine to someone who needs it.

Miranda Harcourt, the face of the Safe Night initiative, says twilight is one of her very favourite times of the day. “This is when our family gets together, has a good catch-up and enjoys some kai. It’s a time when we can reflect on another gorgeous summer day. But we know there are far too many women who only feel fear as the sun sets, knowing that they could face violence at any time.”

“So please, as you sit back and enjoy watching the sun go down, take a minute to gift a $20 Summer Safe Night to help protect women and children who need it tonight.”

New Zealanders’ generosity in supporting the Safe Nights initiative is remarkable. However, New Zealand’s domestic violence rates remain unacceptab­ly high and every $20 Summer Safe Night gift matters.

We are always so grateful to those who support women and children facing violence. It’s easy to enjoy these warm summer evenings and forget that others aren’t so lucky.

Please, if you’re able to, gift a Summer Safe Night today. Your generosity will ensure a woman or child facing danger can be protected against violence.

The Women’s Refuge $20 Summer Safe Night campaign follows winter’s Great Night In, and last year’s SafeNight-a-thon. The previous two campaigns together raised nearly 30,000 Safe Nights.

However, many more Safe Nights are still needed. Please gift a $20 Summer Safe Night to someone who needs it tonight.

Dr Ang Jury ONZM Chief executive of Women’s Refuge

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