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Classified items found at Trump storage unit


At least two items marked as classified were found in a storage unit in West Palm Beach, Florida, after lawyers for former President Donald Trump arranged for a firm to search for additional classified material, according to a published report yesterday. The items were provided to the FBI.

The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources, reported that the items were discovered by an outside team brought in by Trump’s representa­tives to search his other properties after the FBI recovered roughly 100 documents marked classified during an August 8 search of his Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago.

The nature of the newly found material was not immediatel­y clear, but the storage unit in which they were found had been used to hold items from an office in northern Virginia used by Trump staffers after he left office, the newspaper said.

The 100 or so documents the

FBI took from Mar-a-Lago in

August were on top of 37 bearing classifica­tion markings that Trump lawyers retrieved from the home during a June visit. In addition, 15 boxes containing about 184 classified documents were recovered in January by the National Archives and Records Administra­tion.

The possibilit­y that the Justice Department had not yet recovered all classified materials has existed for months.

The FBI’s August search of the home came after investigat­ors developed evidence indicating that additional sensitive documents remained there, even though Trump representa­tives had certified that all classified documents requested in a Justice Department subpoena had been located and returned.

After a federal judge pressured the Trump team to demonstrat­e its full compliance with the subpoena, the newspaper said, it brought in an outside firm to search properties including Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, as well as Trump Tower in New York City. A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment.

A spokesman for Trump said in a statement: “President Trump and his counsel continue to be cooperativ­e and transparen­t, despite the unpreceden­ted, illegal, and unwarrante­d attack against President Trump and his family by the weaponised Department of Justice.”

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