The Northern Advocate

Cryptic crossword



1. The stage gets on, craft-wise (6)

8. Show response concerning a piece of legislatio­n (5)

9. Tangled mop: has nothing to clean it with (7)

11. Hun spied out how one was made to pay the penalty (8)

12. June 1st will see me backing my use by a burglar (5)

15. Establish one on a starting-point, which is vile (4)

16. Some philosophi­cal youth-leaders do espionage work (3)

17. Soothe one with £3 around the turn (4)

19. Elgin (marble?) sort of fireside (5)

21. Was out in front after the 'off', which gave one a jolt (8)

24. At present, in this place, it is not placed (7)

25. Sort of beam one out of serial arrangemen­t (5)

26. Showed one agreed as one started to drop off (6)


2. Chore, it might be, compoundin­g such pigment (5)

3. Be after me, twice backing in a limo as you may recall (8)

4. The point is, to bring it to a halt (4)

5. Prepare to compete with what one may drag along the ground (5)

6. Deep cut made by guillotine initially on wood (4)

7. One who fathers many a boss (4)

10. What open-air oratory is forthright (9)

12. Sail at the front going East and alter course (4)

13. Half flew, then crept forward as one reacted to pain (8)

14. Impish pleasure taken in a sort of song in parts (4)

18. Put away the emporium (5)

20. Fifty who argue it's non-u to be so great (5)

21. Top of stuff, the same as is taken by QC (4)

22. One's patrimony is put back to reveal end of the church (4)

23. Fluffy hair not costing so much now (4)

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