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pros­e­cute, if ap­pro­pri­ate.

The holier than thou at­ti­tudes dis­played by the fer­rety PC Bri­gade and NZ Univer­sity Law Schools cut­ting off ties with Rus­sell McVeagh are lu­di­crous, par­tic­u­larly since some univer­si­ties of­ten have their own nasty lit­tle cul­tures and ob­ses­sions about things like gen­der bend­ing and race priv­i­lege.

Bene­fac­tors and phi­lan­thropists should be wary of these out­fits.

As the adage goes, “He/she who is with­out sin among you let him/her cast the first stone,” and good luck with find­ing some­one to step up to the plate.

The bleat­ing, knee-jerk­ing and navel gaz­ing is im­mod­er­ate, with the next step be­ing the likely re­quest for the re­call of Par­lia­ment to leg­is­late to ban all of­fice par­ties and to pro­hibit stu­dents from act­ing like stu­dents. the av­er­age work­ing peo­ple in North­land should not get bet­ter pay and con­di­tions than they al­ready do, as do­ing so would strop lo­cal eco­nomic growth. I think that’s ridicu­lous. Matt calls New Zealand ‘a coun­try of small and medium busi­nesses’, stat­ing that they ‘drive our econ­omy’.

Would that be the same econ­omy that is con­stantly starved of bil­lions of dol­lars a year that large cor­po­rate en­ti­ties would pro­vide if they paid tax like a work­ing per­son does, in­stead of suck­ing those bil­lions out of our econ­omy and send­ing it off­shore?

Is it the same econ­omy that end­lessly pours un­told mil­lions into self-ab­sorbed spe­cial in­ter­est groups and friv­o­lous things like yacht races?

Is it the same econ­omy that still al­lows ‘re­li­gions’ to rake in end­less streams of money tax-free.

The stan­dard ex­cuses for the above, like ‘gen­er­at­ing em­ploy­ment’, ‘fu­elling the econ­omy’, ‘pro­mot­ing busi­ness’, ‘trickle-down ef­fect’, ‘help­ing the com­mu­nity’ et al are a large pile of steam­ing bull ma­nure.

If they weren’t, con­sid­er­ing the stag­ger­ing sums of money in­volved, why aren’t we all liv­ing com­fort­ably and with far less en­demic so­cial ills?

Matt King wants us to ig­nore the huge jug­ger­nauts drain­ing our econ­omy and screw the work­ers some more?

Matt claims that ‘Na­tional backs work­ers and busi­nesses to have mod­ern grown-up con­ver­sa­tions about em­ploy­ment poli­cies like pay, leave and al­lowances’.

His tone is clearly anti-union, an­ti­worker, and tries to make it sound like he doesn’t know the fox has been left in charge of the chook run.

Ob­vi­ously Matt can’t do any­thing about the be­he­moths, the long-stand­ing and deeply en­tranced un­der­ly­ing causes of so­cial ills and eco­nomic dys­func­tion in New Zealand. No politi­cian, can it seems.

But I find it highly du­plic­i­tous to be pub­licly writ­ing against im­prove­ment in wages and con­di­tions for the lo­cal work­ing peo­ple, part of the very back­bone that this coun­try was built on, and to do so un­der the guise of pro­tect­ing our eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion (such that it is) whilst ig­nor­ing the Real Big Prob­lems with our econ­omy that are so deeply rooted in the Too Hard Bas­ket.

Matt’s col­umn is noth­ing more than a politi­cian stick­ing it to the ‘other’ party be­cause his party wants to get its col­lec­tive noses back down the deeper end of the trough.

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