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This com­ing Mon­day, March 26, at Te Ahu Cen­tre in Kaitaia (from 9am to 5pm) will be the start of a three day hear­ing to de­cide whether a group of 17 ap­pli­cants known as the MWWUG, (Wai­harara water users group) that have col­lec­tively ap­plied to Northland Re­gional Coun­cil to take more than 2 mil­lion m3 of water per year will get con­sent.

Our group , We Are Water, on be­half of the whole com­mu­nity, are ex­tremely con­cerned that not only is this huge amount of water un­nec­es­sary, but po­ten­tially also risks 'the peo­ples' shal­low bores and salt water in­tru­sion to our aquifer, our nat­u­ral water source.

From all of the in­for­ma­tion we have read through, the mind-bog­gling process that NRC has forced the peo­ple to go through to put in a sub­mis­sion against this back in late Novem­ber 2017 and then dis­cover that many of us were forced out, to not be able to con­tinue as they, NRC, de­cided to put a 'lim­ited no­ti­fi­ca­tion' on the whole process say­ing that those of us who did not live within a re­stricted area could not go any fur­ther with their sub­mis­sion.

We were then sent 're­ject' let­ters and told we would not be con­sid­ered any fur­ther in the sub­mis­sion process.

To add more in­sult, some mem­bers of the MWWUG went ahead any­way and planted av­o­cado trees in early 2018, still with­out con­sent and ap­plied to NRC for 'tem­po­rary water con­sent, so that they could water . . . with no pub­lic no­ti­fi­ca­tion this time . . . they got it.

I urge any­body, any com­mu­nity mem­ber to stand up, rise up and be heard and make time to come to the hear­ing in­side or out­side at ‘the peo­ple’s hear­ing’ to tell our elected of­fi­cials that we do count and we want to be heard.

Let NRC and the hear­ing com­mis­sion­ers know that you do care about your water sup­ply and that 'the peo­ple', your com­mu­nity must come be­fore com­mer­cial busi­ness, that peo­ple come be­fore dol­lars.

Be pre­pared with a t-shirt, a sign, your voice and stand up and give your time for our aquifer water source, which has no divi­sion un­der­neath the ground there­fore there should be no divi­sion above the ground.

If noth­ing else come and make a stand for your kids, your mokos and the next

gen­er­a­tion, for with­out water there will be no life.

The de­ci­sions that will be made over the three-day hear­ing will hope­fully be made with ac­count­abil­ity to the far north peo­ple and land and beaches etc that po­ten­tially will be at risk from over­al­lo­ca­tion of water, harm­ful chem­i­cal sprays that threaten our health and our bees and our seal­ife all in the name of eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment and job cre­ation . . . sure the money is great but re­mem­ber that you can’t eat or drink money. My fi­nal ques­tion to you is this. Who will be ac­count­able for over al­lo­ca­tion of the aquifer or po­ten­tial salt water in­tru­sion, will it be the CEO of NRC, CEO of FNDC, The Kaitaia Mayor, , MWWUG, the hear­ing com­mis­sion­ers, Matt King MP’s very brief re­sponse to my let­ter (Say what? Age, March 15) in­cluded the words ‘he writes’ and ‘his com­ments’. Given the non de plume, on what ba­sis does Matt as­sume gen­der?

Matt ig­nored the more im­por­tant point of my let­ter, and sim­ply de­nied that his ar­ti­cle (Law changes will cost jobs) spoke against im­prov­ing pay and con­di­tions for lo­cal work­ing peo­ple- vot­ers.

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