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Listed be­low are the fi­nal placeget­ters in each event and year level at the 2018 Far North Zone Swim­ming Sports cham­pi­onships which were held on Wednes­day, March 21, at the town pool in Kaitaia.

The six zones that make up the Far North are: Kaitaia (k) cen­tral (c), east­ern (e), western (w), and north and south Hokianga (nh, sh). Within the six zones are 27 schools from as far west as Mi­tiMiti, far north as Te Ha­pua, far east as To­tara North and far south as Manga­muka.

The weather was good on the day with the an­nual event con­tested by an es­ti­mated 300 swim­mers, while spec­ta­tors en­joyed the cal­i­bre of swim­ming as well as the do­nat­ede sausage siz­zle and good­ies on of­fer. BOYS. Year 4, freestyle: Ken­taro Mitchell (w) 1, Da­mon Mur­ray (c) 2, Eli Har­ri­son (w) 3; back­stroke: D Mur­ray 1, Mekhi Heka (k) 2, Taz Walden (e) 3; breast­stroke: E Har­ri­son 1, Hunter Thomp­son-Jobe (w) 2, Ryan Wakarua Noema (w) 3. Year 5, freestyle: Awanuiaran­gi Ka­iawe (c) 1, Raidon Re­ich (c) 2, Tom Wal­lace (nh) 3; back­stroke: A Ka­iawe 1, R Re­ich 2, Will Wright (c) 3; breast­stroke: Jahn Ryan (c) 1, Awanui Parangi (c) 2, Max Richards (c) 3. Year 6, freestyle: Chez Cooper (e) 1, Tawa Frape (c) 2, Ni­whai NathanKapa (k) 3; back­stroke: T Frape 1, N Nathan-Kapa 2, Koby Hokai (c) 3; breast­stroke: T Frape 1, Mitchell Wells (c), K Hokai 3. Year 7, freestyle: Daithi Par­lour (c) 1, Nikau Drom­gool (k) 2, Quentin Shanks (c) 3; back­stroke: N Drom­gool 1, Q Shanks 2, D Par­lour 3; breast­stroke: Q Shanks 1, Kaden Cut­ler (c) 2, Ash Lu­cich (k) 3. Year 8, freestyle: Whi­tianga Ka­iawe (c) 1, Rico Mar­gi­son (k) 2, Te Ngo Christie (n) 3; back­stroke: Ley­ton Tracey (c) 1, R Mar­gi­son 2, W Ka­iawe; breast­stroke: R Mar­gi­son 1, Nathan Mur­ray (c) 2, Alexan­dra Camp­bell Lewis (c) 3. Open but­ter­fly: Rico Mar­gi­son (k) 1, Co­hen Har­ri­son (w) 2, George Parslow (k) 3. GIRLS. Year 4, freestyle: Waipaia Heemi (c) 1, Dahlia Pirini (c) 2, Kashana Mur­ray (k) 3; back­stroke: W Heemi 1, D Pirini 2, Jacey Pure (k) 3; breast­stroke: K Mur­ray 1, Teal Mal­let (w) 2, Lilly Wells (c) 3. Year 5, freestyle: Ataaria Patuwairua (c) 1, Aurora Porter (c) 2, Lau­vale Pe­saeli (w) 3; back­stroke: A Patuwairua, Ar­mani Brooker (w) 1, A Porter 2, Ky­vana Karena Bar­low (k) 3; breast­stroke: Kaylee Brown (e) 1, Danika Lu­cich (c) 2, Maia Collins (e) 3. Year 6, freestyle: Cal­ista Shanks (c) 1, Kahlia Mur­ray (c) 2, Chilli Rameka (w) 3; back­stroke: Atareta Puhareti (c) 1, K Mur­ray 2, Ariana Bur­nett (w) 3; breast­stroke: Gar­net Berghan (w), Caitlin Rus­sell (e) 1, C Rameka 2, Piki Te Ora Takawe (n) 3. Year 7, freestyle: Wai­tangi Piripi (c) 1, Shak­i­nah Tahi­tahi (c) 2, Zaria Mur­ray (nh) 3; back­stroke: S Tahi­tahi 1, W Piripi 2, Leah Marie Si­mons (e) 3; breast­stroke: W Piripi 1, Eloise Rus­sell (e) 2, S Tahi­tahi 3. Year 8, freestyle: Waikahuia Cas­sidy (k) 1, Wa­iaria Frape (c) 2, Daisey Se­abourne (e) 3; back­stroke: W Cas­sidy 1, Co­hen Chris­tensen (k) 2, W Frape 3; breast­stroke: W Frape 1, W Cas­sidy 2, Brooke Gam­ble (k) 3. Open but­ter­fly: Waikahua Cas­sidy (k) 1, Shak­i­nah Tahi­tahi (c) 2, Brylee Gar­diner (k) 3.

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