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I agree with B Gille­spie that cannabis use can be detri­men­tal to young peo­ple. But he hasn't dis­cussed al­co­hol, whose ef­fects ranges from foetal al­co­hol syn­drome to ex­cess ag­gres­sion.

More­over he groups syn­thetic cannabis and cannabis to­gether. The only thing they have in com­mon is the name cannabis.

M Cham­ber­lain makes some rather du­bi­ous claims.

Firstly, that any amount of cannabis leads to in­tox­i­ca­tion The same could be said for al­co­hol, oth­er­wise why are new driv­ers for­bid­den to use al­co­hol when driv­ing?

What was the name of the study he cites about the univer­sity stu­dents who suf­fered cog­ni­tive de­clines?

I would sup­port both of the above peo­ple if they would also pro­hibit al­co­hol. Surely a

com­pletely drug free so­ci­ety would be bet­ter for us all. I lived in the Mid­dle East where all drugs apart from Nico­tine were il­le­gal. As a re­sult the streets were much safer than in NZ cities.

I be­lieve that many le­gal pre­scrip­tion drugs could also be out­lawed be­cause they are dan­ger­ous (Opi­ate de­rived) ALAN COOMBES


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