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Isn’t it in­ter­est­ing? At the present point of time we have Cy­clone Oma hov­er­ing to the north of New Cale­do­nia. Com­puter mod­els dif­fer in sce­nar­ios as to what di­rec­tion it will take. One model has it head­ing to­wards Aus­tralia, an­other to­wards New Zealand, and yet a third model has the cy­clone re­treat­ing back into the trop­ics.

From com­puter mod­els we can’t even tell what the weather will be do­ing in five days’ time, but some sci­en­tists would have us be­lieve we can tell what the cli­mate will be do­ing in 50 years’ time. Go fig­ure.

We of­ten hear the old cliche´ from global warm­ing alarmists, ‘The science is set­tled.’ The science is never set­tled un­til

some­thing can be re­peated un­der lab­o­ra­tory con­di­tions. Sci­en­tific the­o­ries are con­stantly chang­ing.


Kaitaia McDon­ald’s, two mod­ern ser­vice sta­tions, garages, Bun­nings, top med­i­cal fa­cil­i­ties and a host of other busi­nesses ser­vic­ing this bustling town and the sur­round­ing area?

And how about the good park­ing where you can al­ways find a spot? No grid­lock here. I’m happy liv­ing here.



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