The Age of Rea­son

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Power feeds on ig­no­rance. Those who ig­nore the past are con­demned to re­live it. Those who can­not re­mem­ber the past are con­demned to re­peat it.

Not ev­ery­thing that is faced can be changed, but noth­ing can be changed un­til it is faced.

God, Queen and coun­try cost us our land and we have not had jus­tice, right­eous­ness, free­dom or restora­tion to our peo­ple with the Treaty.

We are in the Age of Aquar­ius, the Age of Rea­son and Trans­parency. For the con­tin­u­a­tion of the Ages we must have rea­son. To feed, clothe and house all the chil­dren of the world is the rea­son. We don’t need wars for that.

The chil­dren are our fu­ture, yet 250,000 chil­dren die of star­va­tion world­wide ev­ery year. Been hap­pen­ing for decades. Caused by the abuse of power by re­li­gions, ,

gov­ern­ments, banks, cor­po­ra­tions, not Ma¯ ori.

Ma¯ ori have no in­put into the state of the world. That’s all done by greedy bas­tards and their need for dom­i­na­tion. They think evo­lu­tion is all about them and their en­joy­ment of life at the cost of in­dige­nous peo­ple and their land.

Real es­tate the land, was never for sale un­til coloni­sa­tion; 180 years later, hu­mans are still the big­gest par­a­site on earth.

Tell peo­ple a lie long enough as if it is the truth, it will be­come their truth. Je­sus’ birth­day is the 25th of De­cem­ber; no it’s not. Queen Eliz­a­beth’s birth­day is the first Mon­day in June. No it’s not.

See what I mean? Lies, but they’ll have an ex­cuse. They al­ways do.

How can we keep up with ris­ing prices, a sys­tem that caters for the rich? Top of the food chain.

They say hu­man, I say ed­u­cated an­i­mals, a sub-species. Evo­lu­tion isn’t about them. They’re us­ing up the fu­ture.

Peace and good­will to all should be per­ma­nent, not sea­sonal. Ho ho ho.


Kaitaia Re­gard­ing the North­land Age’s on­line poll on whether a cap­i­tal gains tax would be “fair”, I voted in favour, cit­ing econ­o­mist Richard Wolff’s and other ex­perts’ grow­ing opin­ions on why such a tax is

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