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In the North­land Age March 19, Gilbert Morunga was de­nied bail for home in­va­sion and as­sault, and was re­manded in cus­tody, and the man who at­tacked me, about the same crime, gets off free. Po­lice are not charg­ing him for the at­tack.

You have to ask your­self, are there two laws, one for white men and one for black men?

There is go­ing to be a march to sup­port vic­tims of as­sault, which will leave from the Awanui Ho­tel and march to Te Ahu, where me­dia and tele­vi­sion will be present. More to come on this.


Awanui (Yangtze River), 1530 (St Fe´lix's Flood), 1971 (Hanoi and Red River), 1911 (Yangtze River), 1287 (St Lu­cas), 1953 (North Sea storm surge).

My ques­tion to both of you is, was global warm­ing a con­tribut­ing fac­tor to all th­ese events. Next time our me­dia try to tell you of a weather event that is caused by global warm­ing, just re­mem­ber the lists above.

PS: I for­got Noah's flood. BRUCE BELL

Kaitaia such a pro­fes­sional man­ner that made their last days on this Earth worth liv­ing.

I asked this young lady if, af­ter all th­ese years of ser­vice, she had heard any­thing from Im­mi­gra­tion or the min­is­ter in charge con­cern­ing whether or not she and her hus­band were go­ing to be granted ci­ti­zen­ship, and be al­lowed to take up per­ma­nent res­i­dence here in New Zealand. Her an­swer was ‘No, I have not.’

I could hardly be­lieve what I was hear­ing. My re­ac­tion was, and is, what on Earth is wrong with our politi­cians in Welling­ton that with all the qual­i­fi­ca­tions and rec­om­men­da­tions con­cern­ing this young lady our Im­mi­gra­tion Ser­vice, in­clud­ing our politi­cians, have not made a move to grant her ci­ti­zen­ship af­ter all th­ese years?

I pose the ques­tion, what is re­ally re­quired in re­gard to qual­i­fi­ca­tions and rec­om­men­da­tions be­fore any per­son from overseas can be ac­cepted as a cit­i­zen of this coun­try?

I ask this be­cause I know this young lady has qual­i­fi­ca­tions that are greatly needed ev­ery­where in New Zealand. I am sure she and her hus­band would have no prob­lem pass­ing any char­ac­ter test that could be asked of them.

I am 96 years of age, and served in the armed forces for more than three and a half years in WWII. I know how im­por­tant good char­ac­ter and qual­i­fi­ca­tions are in this life, so it sur­prises me that two young peo­ple who could pass any such tests are be­ing held at arm’s length by Im­mi­gra­tion, plus the min­is­ter in charge.

I re­mem­ber times when we the pub­lic could ap­peal to gov­ern­ment and not have our politi­cians treat us as de­men­tia pa­tients. Can any­one out there please ex­plain to me why our present gov­ern­ment treats us as though we re­ally are de­men­tia pa­tients?

I feel that some­one in the po­lit­i­cal sphere should give us (the pub­lic) con­cerned with this is­sue an ex­pla­na­tion of why we have this prob­lem in the first place, and why we are be­ing ig­nored. Is it be­cause our politi­cians are afraid to face us? Do we have to take this to the United Na­tions, or are you not in­ter­ested in our votes any more?

I can re­mem­ber be­ing told by politi­cians at the be­gin­ning of the se­cond

world war that if we put on a uni­form and picked up a gun to de­fend this coun­try our opin­ions and thoughts con­cern­ing this coun­try would al­ways be lis­tened to by our gov­ern­ment. So I ask, what has hap­pened with the pass­ing of the years that our gov­ern­ment will not hear our cries for help con­cern­ing some­thing as sim­ple as an old folks’ home where we may get the kind of help this young lady I have men­tioned is will­ing and able to give us?

Why is this young lady not gladly given ci­ti­zen­ship when our need for this help is so great, when ci­ti­zen­ship is the only stumbling block?

Is it that I am crazy, or is our gov­ern­ment crazy? Af­ter all, is it not up to them to cover the needs of the el­derly and im­paired? Why is our gov­ern­ment threat­en­ing to de­port some­one who could and would take care of our com­mu­nity’s great need at this time?

I can only pray that some­one in Welling­ton will re­alise the des­per­a­tion that ex­ists with re­gard to old folks’ homes when it comes to find­ing qual­i­fied, ful­ly­trained staff. Please, is there some­one who can hear our cries for help and the things needed in all our com­mu­ni­ties, or is every­one in Welling­ton deaf?

Am I be­ing un­rea­son­able if I say that if we lose the ser­vices of this young lady I have been re­fer­ring to it could take years to find a re­place­ment with such won­der­ful qual­i­fi­ca­tions and char­ac­ter, and who is happy to live in our area? Does she not de­serve bet­ter than this? As I see it she is ir­re­place­able. IVAN GRBICH

Kaitaia Why is the Prime Min­is­ter op­posed to vi­o­lence against Mus­lims yet sup­ports vi­o­lence against the de­fence­less un­born?

The Prime Min­is­ter is com­mended for lead­ing the na­tion in its grief and sor­row in a re­mem­brance for the 50 in­no­cent Mus­lim vic­tims who lost their lives in the ap­palling mas­sacre at the mosques in Christchur­ch on Fri­day March 15. She was present at a na­tional in­ter­faith me­mo­rial ser­vice for vic­tims at Ha­gley Park on March 29.

It was fit­ting that we should have this prayer­ful ser­vice. The Prime Min­is­ter stated that it showed that we were “com­pas­sion­ate, in­clu­sive and di­verse.”

Right to Life asks, when is the Prime Min­is­ter go­ing to call for a na­tional me­mo­rial ser­vice to en­able our com­mu­nity to ex­press its grief and sor­row for the killing of over 500,000 un­born chil­dren since 1978, and the 13,000 un­born chil­dren killed each year, and its com­pas­sion for the moth­ers who are griev­ously wounded by the vi­o­lence of abor­tion?

It took the Prime Min­is­ter six days to ban the sale of MSSAs and all as­sault ri­fles. How long will it take her to ban the in­stru­ments of abor­tion?

We also ask when she and the gov­ern­ment, in recog­ni­tion of World Down Syn­drome Day, will hold a na­tional me­mo­rial ser­vice and a call to prayer, fol­lowed by two min­utes’ si­lence, for the 50 un­born chil­dren killed through the na­tional screen­ing pro­gramme in the last year? Will she then apol­o­gise to the Down syn­drome com­mu­nity for pro­mot­ing hate to­wards them, and an­nounce an im­me­di­ate ban on the screen­ing pro­gramme?

Why does the gov­ern­ment main­tain a deaf­en­ing si­lence and ex­hibit no re­morse for the vi­o­lence in­flicted on our chil­dren and their moth­ers by the state, which au­tho­rises and funds the abor­tion in­dus­try as a core health ser­vice and a “re­pro­duc­tive choice for women”?



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